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  1. jobryli63

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    I just wanted to ask you to pray for our 14 year old son who has CF. He is currently in the middle of yearly exams.He is struggling to get to school to sit for these exams.It is getting him a bit down his CF at the moment( not that he says that he says GOD has his reasons to why he has CF).Yet as his Mum I can tell, he tries to put on a brave front.

    So I would appreciate prayer and strength that he will get through the rest of the week, only today and Friday to go then exams are finished. Mid next week he has a compulsory school camp to go to. He wants to undertake the hike which will be a 8 hour he does not want to be any different than other teenagers his age.Yet I know this will put him to bed for over a week if he does this component of the camp

    So I would appreciate prayer on this matter
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    First I want to welcome you to the Worship Board, I'm sure that you will alot of caring people here.

    Dear Lord, I pray that you would give this 14 year old strength to complete his exams this week. I pray that you will watch over him when he goes to this camp Dear Lord and please give him the strength to be able to handle the 8 hour hike.In Jesus' Name We Pray....Amen and Amen

    Blessings to you and your son..........Judy
  3. Shirl

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    Will be happy to pray for that brave young man! God's blessings going out to him in all he endeavors to do.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. jobryli63

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    Thank you Judy and Shirl for your support in prayer. I truly do appreciate it.
    Joel struggles with Cf yet he always tries to be like any other teenage kid. His teachers are amazed at his attitude towards his CF, he takes it in his stride and suffers silently
    I appreciate your prayer,as at present Hubby and I and 3 kids are trying to find a new church.After being at a church for over 8 years and suffering from burn out( no we are not pastors)Most of the ppl in this church we have been in have turned their backs on us, all because my hubby will not be part of music team( that he played every sunday for 8 years with 12 sundays off in this time to go on annual holidays.yet he spent at least 3 hours with music team every week pracitsing. He is very talented can sing, play piano, flute, guitar.Yet his heart is not in it.We are feeling very delusioned with Church, and want to settle in a church where we can take a backseat for a while and just be there as a family.So apart from one lot of friends are prayer support network is gone

    So I appreciate your prayer it means so much to me

  5. danny3861

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    Hello and welcome to the board. I'll certainly be praying for your son.

    Dear Lord, please be with Sharon's son during these exams and give hin th peace,comfort, calmness ,and strength to endure. Lift him up high and let him feel your presense, and guide him during this time. In Jesus name, amen.

  6. Sunshyne1027

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    One of my sons too is going through exams..Called proficiency testing. Know how hard this can be. Especially with CF. I can only imagine though.

    Praying for your beautiful son, praying he makes it through and gets lots of love and sleep when its all over with.

    I think that is so cool on your son wanting to be no different than others. I pray it does not affect him too much, that he will be accepted by his peers anyways, no matter what.

    In Love, Sunshyne

  7. jobryli63

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    Thank you all so much for your prayer in this it is so comforting.
    Here in Australia there is so few dr's that know anything about CF.
    So we gather as much info as we can from reading and tell Dr.

    I would love to start a support group here, as we are very very proud of our son and how he copes.Teachers at his school who are all christians learn a lesson or two from Joel and how still maintains his happy bright self.
  8. Sandyz

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    Welcome to the worship board. I would be glad to pray for your son. He sounds like a brave young man to suffer so much so young.

  9. ValleyGirl89

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    I will praying for your son also!