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    We leave tomorrow morning for a very long planned vacation to Virginia. it will be 7-8 hour ride. Im anxious for a few reasons. (Im a worry-wart!!!). One reason is that I have been in agony with the fibro and find it very difficult to sit for too long, even a 15 minute ride is painful so tomorrow will be a true test of my tolerance to pain. Also, its a long ride and God knows ANYTHING can accident, car trouble, kids getting sick, hubby having seizure, Im feleing very nervous about the trip. My hubby has been singing and smiling all day long hes so excited and Im happy he is. The kids too. They are exstatic about the trip and they have been giggles and smiles all day. Me, on the other hand, Im so stressed out I cant seem to be excited yet.

    Isnt it horrible how worry and anxiety can run your life? Gee, no wonder why Im in such pain.

    Please say a little prayer for a safe trip and maybe some finally deserved rest and relaxation for me and the family.

    Ill miss all of you. I wont be back on for a whole week :(
    I fele like Im losingmy support system for a week BOO HOO!

    God bless all! Take care too!

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    Hi Diane,
    I understand the anxiety about doing things that seem way beyond what your body can handle. It doesn't seem to take much to upset the "fragile" balance which leads to pain, increased fatigue, etc. It's difficult b/c you can't control everything that happens on a trip and then you can really suffer for it. I will pray for you today!