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    Just wanted to ask that maybe we all can include in our prayers for relief and Gods grace during the clean up from the MASSIVE devistation from that earthquakein SOuth Asia. I read the article on the internet and also have been watching the news with my kids and hubby and I am so taken back by the loss of lives and the devistation from Mother Natures Wrath.

    I guess being "mopey" about things in our own lives really is put into perspective when we see this type of devistation that we have no control over.

    I pray to the Lord that he be with all those who are injured and who have lost loved ones, especially children. What a heart wrenching circumstance. It really woke me up to reality and made me realize THANK YOU GOD that I am fortunate enough not to be in that situation, nor my family. Everyone is sick here at home with all kinds of "bugs" going around, Im in excruciating pain and havent rested in days and I have also "crashed and burned" fromt he stress of entertaining almost 30 people xmas day, but Id rather be here and be thankful and rejoyce in this even though its a "negative" thing rather than to be one of those poor people who have been suffering since the devistation or be one of the casualties over there.

    Situations like these certainly make you stop, wonder, and rethink whats truly important in our lives.
    I really am touched over this devistation.

    Take care all! God bless you!

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    I, too, am praying for those caught up in this awful tragedy, in whatever country. Two of my pupils (father and son) are in Sri Lanka (with the rest of the family) on the "holiday of a lifetime" and I am praying hard for them all. They are a lovely family and I am so worried about them. Both parents are doctors so I am guessing they may well be trying to help because they are committed Christians and I am sure would want to do what they could.

    It certainly is a powerful reminder to us all that there are things in God's world we cannot control, however "clever" we think we've got and however much some would say we can manage without God in our lives.

    I just keep praying for all those poor people and thank God that my own circumstances are not so bad after all.

    Take care everyone.

    Music Teacher
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    I heard on the news today that they found a baby (20 days old) floating on a matress and still alive and well after the sunomi tital wave hit. That baby is a special baby. What a miracle! Just wanted to share that just in case no one knew. There are miracles in every devistating situation. I assume the Lord has big plans for that child and thats why he is still here.

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    I am praying also for these poor people. I hope they can get them the supplies they need but it will be hard with so many different countries hit. I also pray there aren`t more of these.

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    Just to say that my missing students have been found and are alive and, to all intents and purposes, well. Clearly traumatised by all that happened to them, what they saw, people they've got to know who are now dead etc but otherwise well. They will be back in the UK shortly.

    I am thanking God for this good news but praying on for all those countries and lives devastated by this tragedy.

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    ...the title of that post refers to a newspaper letter, Paul