Prayer from tired people . . .

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    We thank you, God, our Father, for all the wonderful things that you have provided for us, your creation, and we know that your wonders do not cease because our minds may not see or grasp them.

    We rest our racing mind, our aching body, and our tired spirits in him Him, who conquered all the pain, sin, struggling, misery, grief, doubt, guilt, and all other feelings; the physical limitations, mental limitations, and all the other worldly chains that keep us from being our whole self that was intended from creation.

    We rest all that with Him, the Conqueror of death, the Prince of Peace, and the Everlasting Hope of all mankind.

    We lay these worldly trials at His feet, and we walk upright in spirit in His righteousness as we wait for the hope that is inside us, the everlasting hope of redemption through the grace of God the Father and through the work of Jesus Christ, His Son.

    May that perfect Hope soon come, this we pray in Jesus name,

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    Amen ! ................Blessings to all, Judy
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    Amen also, God bless you and everyone.

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    We are strong