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    I am a proud parent of two beautiful daughters. But right now I am going through a VERY rough time with my 14 year old. She was recently dx with major depressive disorder. She is on medication and going to therapy. While she has started to improve she still has such low self-esteem. Her grades have fallen. She used to be an A/B student in honor classes but on Friday she brought home a progress report with two F's on it. (1 A, 2 B's and a C) She is in a magnet program that she HATES which is one of the classes she got the F in. While there is still 4 and 1/2 weeks left to get those grades up, she just seems to have lost interest in her studies.

    There is another school that I would like to look into getting her transferred to. The magnet program there is one she has great interest in but I think it may be too late for next year already. I am going to call on Monday morning.

    My daughter DOES NOT want to change schools because she has friends at her current school. And while I realize that at this age friends are important, so is her education, future and most important - her emotional health.

    I guess what I am asking is for prayer to know what to do. Any advice or "been there" comments.

    What I was thinking is that if the Lord wants her to move to this new school then He will open that door and if not it will stay closed and my daughter will have to get back on board and get with the program ... with ALL the support and love we as a family can give her.


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    That`s always a tough decision moving kids to a new school. Praying that Jesus gives you strong guidance with this issue. I have a 13 year old son and its a tricky age, lots to worry about.

    Best of luck with it,
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    I have read some of your posts about your daughter's situation. I know that you are a former teacher. You must have experience with IEP meetings. Your daughter is going through a situation that requires some intervention and this is the sort of thing covered in the No Child Left Behind laws.

    If you want her moved to this magnet school you should send a letter stating such to the principal, superintendent and the state person in charge of compliance for your state department of education.

    You should state that due to her situation and her emotional state it is of the utmost importance to her FAPE and her emotional well being to be in a new environment. Actually probably having her doctor include a note and/or CC: that doctor and stating in your letter that it is her doctor's opinion that it would be prudent to her emotional wellbeing to be changed to this new environment that would be more supportive of her educational situation in light of the recent occurences in her life....etc.,

    I am a child advocate and moderate a list serve. Things like this are easily handled if they are handled in the proper procedure and the proper people are CC'd so that there is no way to deny your request.

    PS I think this would apply under the OHI provisions(other health impaired) part of the law. If you need the regs let me know.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for all the prayers, encouragement and advice. Jessica was accepted to the new school and we took the spot for her. There was no "fighting" needed. Just a letter telling what had happened to her and her situation.

    Hope, sometimes the system actually does work!!!!

    Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers. Jessica has pulled her grades up but Algebra may be one that will hold her up. The teacher is being hard nosed and not the least bit understanding of Jessica's situation - at all.

    Please pray she do VERY WELL on all her final exams - especially the Algebra so she passes 9th grade and 10th grade will a new beginning for her.

    God is good ALL the time!!!!