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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Shirl, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Shirl

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    Prayers needed...........please! 04/24/04 02:14 AM

    Goodmorning everyone!

    Please take some time today to say a prayer for our family. Yesterday as my grandfather was preparing to go down for surgery, he stopped breathing. We were all at the hospital until late last night. He is now on life support and the docs. are giving him 24-72 hours to see if he responds. If not, my family will be "pulling the plug" on Monday.

    This is so unexpected and such a shock.....He was only going in for some minor surgery as he was very active...danced,golfed etc...I slept 11 hours straight last night as I was sooo tired and had some very high anxiety.....

    I can't rest today as my son is making his confirmation and we have people coming to the house at noon and than dinner reservations afterwards and than back to the hospital.....April sucks for our family as I have lost 2 other grandparents and 2 aunts in the month of April...Sorry so depressing on a Sat. morning, just feeling down and trying to keep my energy up so that my son has a blessed day.....Hugs to all of you......


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    dear Susan 04/24/04 02:25 AM

    i just wanted say that i am sorry to hear about your
    grandfather and saying prayers to you and your family

    huggs norma



    Susan 04/24/04 02:33 AM

    I'm so sorry that you and your Grandfather are going through all this Misery.
    I will add your Family to my Prayer list, and please let us know how thing's are going.

    I know it's hard to do , but you must take care of yourself too, so you don't Crash. My Thought's and Prayer's are with you, and may God Bless You.

  2. another_painful_day

    another_painful_day New Member

    Bless this woman with relief dear Lord. Give her strength and courage to face the day and daily routine. Also be with her son on his confirmation and allow the day to be blessed with joy even though there is stress going on. Be with her grandfather Lord and touch upon him your healing hands. If it is your will Lord that this man is to come home to you Lord God, then please give the family peace and comfort knowing that it is his time now to join you Lord and that someday they will all be together again.

  3. Montysmum

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    Susan, the forums have been down for a while so your post hasn't had many replies, but you have had prayers going up for you & your family.
    This is a tough time for you, I pray God's strength & peace for you during this time.
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