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  1. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i usally dont ask for things so out and out selfish but its of grate needed

    please pray for my familys finaces we had our water turned off today and its just going to be the beging,

    i go to court on the 18th for ssi so please pray that it will go well

    i thank you all so much
  2. Aeon

    Aeon New Member

    The Goddess send her love and protection
  3. ladydi

    ladydi New Member

    Dear Kara,

    I am sincerly sorry for the hardship you are facing right
    now. Especially with your young children, it must be tuff.

    I would really think the water and electric companies
    wouldn't go to these extremes with small children in the

    I'm gonna add you to the prayer list over on chit/chat.

    Dear Heavenly Father, as I humbly come before you tonight,
    in the name of our dear sister Kara. Lord you know her needs, and Lord I ask for you to provide for this family.
    Lord also, give Kara the grace, and comfort her in this
    time of crisis in her family. Lord we know you will not lay
    more on us than we can handle, but Lord we are only human
    with our emotions. Help Kara and I both to walk in faith.
    We know that's the way you'd have us live. But, only by
    your help can we achieve this. Lord Kara needs you to intervene in her life and her family's. Lord if it's your will I ask you to remove any stumbling blocks in her life
    and restore her home situation as you would have it be.

    Lord we know there is no other place to come, but unto you. Cleanse us of our sins Lord, that we may see these
    things come to pass. Warm Kara's heart tonight Lord, that
    she may "feel" the presence of the Holy Spirit upon her.
    Lord, as the Holy Spirit comforts her tonight, I do thank
    you in advance. Lord now forgive me and cleanse me, so that
    my prayer may be heard by you.
    I ask all these favors and blessings in Jesus Name, Amen

    Dear Kara,
    Again I wish you well, I hope others will come and
    give you an earthly hug and words of encoragement.

    God Can Bless You,
  4. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    As a matter of fact Heavenly Father wants us to recognize our needs as he already knows them. Our lessons, which indeed are many, are for us to grow. You are not being selfish wanting to have utilities and I agree with the writer that the lack of humanity shown in our utility cos. is deplorable!

    Have you been to any of the social services for help with your utilities? How about your church's welfare system? I know it is hard to differenciate between "prideful" and needing help. I have been guilty of being prideful, which the Lord clearly has shown us his preference for meekness and the like. You need help. You have an illness which makes earning money to pay these utilities impossible at this time. Please, don't let this go any further. I live down south and I have a blanket around me while I am on line and I will scrounge up some socks when I get off (dogs are on my feet now)!

    Down here we have what is called "community council" and it takes very little in the way of documentation to get a utility bill paid....they won't pay late charges or reconnects though, so time is of the essense.

    Please reach out to your community, family if you dare (ha! reaching out to my family was harder than reaching to the church, althrough surprisingly they ultimately helped).

    Water is one thing but losing electricity would be a disaster. Let me know if there is anything I am a human can do for you. It goes without saying I will pray for you and I am sure Heavenly Father is proud knowing one of his children have learned to acknowledge their needs to Him. You are going in the right direction! Love CactusLil'
  5. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Will be praying for all your needs, and do check your email.

    God Bless,

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. Boosey

    Boosey New Member

    Just to let you know I will be praying for you.

    Keep looking up to the One who knows all our needs - He has promised to supply all our needs and He never breaks a promise.

  7. Kim

    Kim New Member

    You and your family are in my prayers. Trust in God, He can and will provide for you.

    Love and Peace,

  8. RoseTx

    RoseTx New Member

    Are in my prayers. I hope by this time you have found some organization who is helping you. Just know that these people on this forum are reaching out to you with open arms and you will be upheld by the prayers of the righteous. Hugs, Rose
  9. allhart

    allhart New Member

    thank you all for your prayers and support ,my friend paid our water bill so we have water agin, we are days away from the electric beibg shut off,so please still keep us in your prayers,we are hoping that some money owed to us will finally come threw,

    we have tried to get help from a couple of places but all so far wanted us to show that we have enough income to meet our bills next month which at this point we do not,

    our family has been threw worse then this we lived in a motor home in someones front yard for 6 monthes just 2 years ago we had to go to differnt family memebers and friends houses to take showers and other things it did make us stonger but im terriferd that we may become homeless agin
    god is our only hope so please understand how much i do appracate your prayers,

  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Your in my thoughts and prayers.You WILL get thru this.
    And I'll be hoping for a approval from SSI.