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    I dont know if any of you are from the northern indiana area. So here is an overview of what has happened. My husbands friend and coworker was killed on Monday night during a pretty stron storm that rolled through the area. It was a freak accident, Tim was driving down the road when a huge tree limb fell and landing on his car, the limb went straight across the passenger and driver side of the car. They say he was killed instantly. When found the car was still running and had its lights on. Tim was only 300 feet from his home, he leaves behind his parents, sister, girlfriend and a precious little boy Huston who is almost 2 years old. I have prayed all week for this family and last night the viewing at the funeral home was very hard. Today Tim will be laid to rest we know he is with the Lord and there must be greater things in store for him. But his family is hurting, please pray for there comfort and that they will know GODS peace at this difficult time.

    Thanks Amy
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    Oh, what a terrible, shocking thing to happen! I am so saddened for his family, and your husband and yourself.

    What a sorrowful loss -for his little boy and girlfriend.

    Will surely be praying for each member of the family, and all friends.

    It was all so sudden - no one had time to prepare at all.

    Praying for the Lord's comfort to come to this grieving family, and help them through this time.

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    Also, many others here will be praying, who read the posts and pray faithfully, but don't have the strength to reply in writing.

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    for your kind words of encouragement. He was only 23 years old so I know it is an extreme shock. I love how prayer works in our lives and those of others even though we dont know them. I read a lot of these and pray but dont always comment that I have prayed so thanks for that reminder. Amy
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    Oh, only 23 years old - that is so, so, young. What a shocking, unexpected loss.

    Yes, I agree with you on how important prayer is!

    And I'm so glad that you are praying here for the needs that come! That is so valuable.

    May the Lord continue to comfort family and friends of this young man. Amen.


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    Thanks Amy,
    I will keep this poor family in my prayer's. Life can be sp short.

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    Praying too Amy.

    Just praying, its all too hard to understand.
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    Thank you to everyone. I am so glad I found this site. Ilove it here.
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    Such a sad thing to happen. It is hard to know what to pray . Sometimes I wish the Lord would come so that we wouldn't have to cope with such sorrow and pain on this earth anymore. Yet He knows the best time . You and your husband are in my prayers as well as the others he leaves behind.