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  1. hagardreams

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    I need God to guide me in what to do about a house guest. I let a friend of my sons stay here, hes been here since March. I told him he could stay until he got some cash and on his feet.
    It seems that he keeps loosing jobs, and blowing any money he gets. I really want to do the right thing, but I feel like he has over stayed his welcome. We just dont have the money to feed him, and he is eating all of our food, and not speding his money wisely when he gets it.
    Please pray that this situation will work itself out, I just dont know what to do.
    I know in Jesus name that God will do what is best.
    God bless all, and thanks for any prayers in advance.
  2. 143alan

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    You're in a hard position for any of us to be in and I will certainly keep this in my prayers. Explain to the young man that you can not afford to feed him and that he needs to apply for food stamps to help with the groceries. I'm a caseworker and I see this all the time. Sometimes when the host asks them to get food stamps to feed themselves either: they do and that helps with the groceries, or they get offended and leave. Is your son also living with you, can he talk to this person? I'm sure you've thought of these things and more.

    Good luck sweetie and I will be praying for God's guidance in this for you.
  3. Asatrump

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    Sounds like good advice from Nancy. This guy obviously takes the path of least resistance. Likely you would be doing him a favor towards becoming adult by making some changes. Good luck.
  4. pepper

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    You are in a very tough position but Nancy has given you some good advice. This guy has it easy and seems like the type to take advantage of both you and the situation. I hope that you take Nancy's advice.

    Love, Pepper