prayer request for Grandson

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sixtyslady, Jan 23, 2007.

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    my Grandson is in trouble,he,s 19 and got a d.u.i..
    this kid has a drinking problem and has had one since hes been 16, he needs to go to Rehab, but his parents just won"t realize this.
    I called my daughter and ask if I could go to court with him in 2 wks and see if I could talke to the Judge,about getting him sent to rehab, but she said no,let him go to jail.
    he was ordered to go to counceling by the court early this fall, which I didn"t know,well the kid does not have a car, and his parents would"t take him because it cost 40.00 a session and they didn"t want to pay, so now hes in trouble for that also.
    Their trying to push him into the army, just to get rid of the problem, and thats not going to help his drinking,but they told him he can either go to the service or go to jail. Please remeber him in your prayers. sixtyslady
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    I am sorry for your grandson, he is lost but at an age where he doesn't want much guidance.

    I think there are a lot of people his age facing the same problems, and not knowing solutions.

    I wish I had great words of wisdom but I don't.

    But I will pray for this young man and the family too.
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    I am so sorry sixtylady, that is a very hard thing. I have a son that has had problems with drugs, he is doing better, but we are on him all the time. Tough to get them off once they start

    I will pray for him and his parents that their eyes may be opened to get him to rehab so they may all start to heal

    God Bless you all

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    thanks for the support and prayers.
    I just don"t know what I can do as a Grand mother. I"ve been praying for along time for Michael.
    thanks again, sixtyslady
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    I was thinking about writting the state attorney a letter in Michael defense,now I"m not upholding the fact that Machael was driving while drinking and he knows this, but what I"m saying is that going to jail isn"t going to solve the problem.his parents just don"t care , they just want the problem gone.
    this kid doesn"t,steal,deal drugs, he,s never been in any other trouble, that wasn"t related to drinking so it should be obvious that he has a drinking problem.
    and hes not lazy,he will work if he can find a job,they live in a very small town,so its almost impossible for him to get a job. do you thinnk that would help,