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  1. hangininthere

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    Please pray a prayer for my niece to fully recover. Thanks. My sister appreciates your prayers too.

    She came down with severe flu-like illness, then it got even worse the second week.

    After the first three days, she called her mom at work crying, saying she hadn't been able to get off the couch all night and day, and was peeing in a cup and the urine was brown, she couldn't get up at all, and her hands and feet were swollen. She took her to ER.

    They diagnosed a bladder infection - UTI - and gave her antibiotics.

    Then her joints got hurting so bad she was disabled by it. She took a leave of absence from work and school.

    She tried using a wheelchair and walker, but it didn't help, she was disabled real bad.

    Then she took her to their arthritis doctor (niece's dad and brother have arthritis) and he said it was an allergic reaction to the sulpha antibiotic the ER had prescribed and told her to discontinue. And gave her Prednisone, a steroid for the inflammation.

    Please pray she makes a full recovery. She's still in real bad shape and can't work or go to school yet.

    Thanks very much, from me and my sister and niece.

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  2. Nanie46

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    I am praying for your niece Stephanie.

    I sure hope and pray they really have found the cause of her illness.

    Just throwing some ideas out there to explore in case she is not recovering....would she have had any exposure to blood from one of the patients, even in a small amount in the last 6 months? (Hepatitis C).

    Has she been in an environment where she may have been unknowingly bitten by a tick, mosquito, flea or had a cat scratch? (Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia and other vector borne infections).

    Fifth Disease (Parvovirus B19) in adults can sometimes cause only joint pain and swelling instead of the usual symptoms.

    I'm sure there are other possibilities, but those came to mind.
  3. hangininthere

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    Thanks for prayer, Nanie.

    Yes, when my dad was first telling me how laid out flat she is with flu-like symptoms, and taking a leave of absence, the first thing that came to my mind was CFS like I have, and I became almost hysterical, yelling "NO! NO! NO!" and pounding my fist over and over on my bed where I lay, about to burst out in heartbroken tears.

    Then when he went on to tell me she had been given antibiotics, the first thing that came to mind was Lyme Disease which can end up being a life-sentence too. I was telling him that the doc's don't know right about it and that the tests have a high rate of false negatives, and that they only give you a brief round of antibiotics which is not enough, etc.

    The arthritis doc had written out an order for $1,200 worth of blood work, suspecting something serious. Then when niece mentioned she was on Bactrim for a UTI, he scratched out the bloodwork order and said it was an allergic reaction to the Bactrim. She is uninsured.

    Her brother, my nephew, has viral-induced arthritis ever since he got Fifth's Disease at age 8.

    Not sure if she's been in tick environment, but has two dogs that play in fenced-in back yard in city environment and are taken for walks around city block. And finally it has been officially publicized that Lyme ticks are here in our state, was so glad to see that in local news, because it takes so long for anything to be officially recognized and non-astute docs don't believe you could have Lyme if it's not indigenous to the area.

    Thanks for the tips, will let my sister know.

    Niece felt a tiny bit better for a day, then felt worse today. I'm scared the Prednisone will or is giving her a bad reaction. She's going back to doctor, and he'll probably pursue the bloodwork again.

    I'll copy and paste your post and e-mail to my sister, thanks.

    Could be a long haul for them, but praying for a quick and complete recovery instead.

  4. monkeytot

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    Im new here Patti, but your story touched me as soon as I read it. My prayers are with you & family. remember, whatever you ask in Jesus name, he will do it. God Bless
  5. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks for prayer for niece and family, Monkeytot, and welcome.

    She's worse today.

    The arthritis doc didn't even put her on a different antibiotic for her UTI. No wonder she's even worse. The blood work he was gonna order did include test for Hepatitis C.

    Yes, thanks for the reminder to pray in faith believing. I usually do that with calmness. This time I'm so scared I forgot. I'm so rattled, so I just keep lifting up her name to Jesus in fear. I'm gonna switch that to lifting her name up in confidence and peace. I do always remember to pray Thy Will Be Done, which is comforting in itself, knowing that God's in charge.

  6. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jam.

    She was on Bactrim, which isn't in that dangerous fluoroquinolone class , but is known for causing allergic reactions.

    I refuse to take the fluoroquinolones, since I read about them a few years ago here on PH then googled them, and I told my son to refuse and my hubby too.

    Hubby has a bad reaction to the new antibiotics after first dose and had to discontinue immediately, such as Keflex and another one he tried.

    Luckily, high dose garlic capsules are a powerful antibiotic for us, and has saved us many a time.

    Fluoride makes me feel sicky all over. I use toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride in it.

    And boy did I get a shock recently about that. I accidentally found something out when my son noticed the city water pressure was low one night. I was googling for the phone number of the water company, and happened upon the fact that our city water is fluoridated. I can't believe I never knew that, after reading about it here on PH. I never thought to check mine, just assumed it wasn't since there's never been anything on the local news about it. So I went out the next day and bought sixteen gallons of spring water and will drink that from now on.

    I'll update when I hear how her doc appointment goes. Her parents will pay cash for all her medical bills, so she will get the medical care she needs - if a doctor can just correctly diagnose what's going on. Yes, hoping they pinpoint what's causing it. Amen.

  7. windblade

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    Patti - just saw this. Have started praying for Steph, and will continue.

    When is her next Dr. Appt?

    I'm so sorry all this has happened . Poor Steph! Praying for you and your sister and all in family - Joining in with those praying here.

  8. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Judy.

    Her Dad took her to a different doc today at same practice, because their regular doc couldn't get them in, and this doc thinks it's arthritis induced by a virus. Increased her dose of Prednisone for ten days. Then blood work a week after done with Prednisone if she's still in pain.

    Niece told doc her urine was now normal, so doc didn't give her antibiotic. My Sis wants to pursue a urine test. But I think it has to be a week after finishing the Prednisone I'm guessing, since Prednisone can skew tests. Since she's not having bladder symptoms right now.

    Doc extended her leave of absence from work, and the college says if she can't get to school by Monday they recommend she drop out for this semester.

    So maybe she started out with a bad flu, then the arthritis hit - or else the severe joint pain was caused by allergic reaction to the antibiotic. That would be the best case scenario, that it's an allergic reaction - but seems it would've started to subside by now in that case.

    She's still no better, so still up in the air. Our prayers are in.

    Thanks for prayers and well wishes everyone. It helped me a lot to talk it out too. Will give updates when any changes.

  9. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    Still praying for your niece's recovery.

    I hope she was not infected with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) or another species of Borrelia. It often starts with a flu-like illness, but prednisone would be the worst drug to give. Immune suppressing drugs allow the infection to spread and flourish.

    My chronic Lyme disease started with a flu-like illness, but my Dr told me I had a virus, which is why I cringe when I hear other people being told they have a virus too.

    The flu-like illness can commonly occur a month after exposure to the bacteria.

    Unfortunately, Lyme tests are very unreliable and immune suppressing drugs would make them even more unreliable.

    If she is not getting better, perhaps she could consider getting the Lyme Culture test from Advanced Labs in PA. It does not rely on an antibody response, like standard lyme tests do, because it is a culture.

    Here are a couple links:
  10. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nanie and Diane.

    Nanie, I told my sis about the prednisone lowering the immune system and other infections could take over, thanks for that tip. I was worried myself like I always am on the look out when anyone starts a new medication, and told her to watch for side-effects. The drugs can kill you in themselves.

    Lyme is a beast. Glad after many years you have seen much improvement, praise God. What a long haul you've had.

    Here's the e-mail update from my sis today, I've copy and pasted it:

    "She had a terrible morning. Was crying in so much pain. Took her 40 minutes to get up, go to bathroom, let dogs out and grab a banana and granola bar so she could start the stronger prednisone. She thinks maybe because the house got cold last night, so she also turned the heat up to warm up her bones :) She was doing better by the afternoon."

    (Me again - font changed when I copy and pasted.) Now better doesn't mean well enough to go to work or school though. I wonder if she felt better because of taking the stronger dose of Prednisone with breakfast. I hope the Prednisone helps her.

    I was googling arthritis, and it can come on suddenly. And if that's the case, it being an autoimmune disease, I wonder if the Prednisone tamping down her immune response could be a good thing, at least good for the arthritis if that's what she has.

    I'm so scared she has or will get a blood infection - two in-laws have had that and they felt like she did at first before her joint pain set in. Their docs and ER were very slow in diagnosing it, took them both several trips to ER and docs before they were finally hospitalized for it like they should have been to begin with.

    I haven't asked my sister yet if she had been exposed to ticks a month ago or within that time period, such as a walk in the park. I'll ask soon. She's so frantic and exhausted with stress so she forgets to answer all of my questions, including on your post I emailed to her asking about the tick exposure.

    I know from reading here on PH that Lyme must be dealt with immediately and aggressively.

    My sister is the type to trust the docs and just do what they say.

    I hope and pray it's not Lyme, because then niece is in big trouble without having it treated swiftly and aggressively.

    I was wishing she got blood work for her kidneys and liver, but I imagine they did a slew of blood work at the ER, they usually do. I want to ask her that too.

    I'm thinking maybe that gas and monoxide leak strained her immune system past its limit.

    Her morning sounded like waking up with FM. But I think the pain is in her joints instead of muscles. And arthritis sufferers have morning time like that too, only in the joints. Of course when you're in that much pain, you hurt all over everywhere, every inch of you, no matter which the source.

    Diane, I read about that intruder trying to get in your house. Terrifying for a long time to come. Praying for you, dear.

    It's very probable he won't be back, now that he knows that house is not empty during day. He'll look further at other houses to find an empty house, and will forget about yours. That type of burglar wants an empty house only.

    I'm glad the Lord led you to yell out "Hello' when he started rattling the doorknob real hard over and over - he figured no one was home after all his hard knocking on all the doors, and was about to bust right in. Thank God you were home, for the kitties' sakes, and didn't sleep through it.

    I too peek out through the curtain or peephole when someone knocks, and don't open the door to strangers. After I see if it's someone I know or not, I yell loud through the door "Who is it?" When the stranger says whatever, I yell real loud through the door "No thanks, I'm not interested". I have to yell through the door because there are a lot of daytime burglaries in my area. Otherwise I woudn't answer at all. Before I moved to a bad area, I didn't at all, not even to friends who knocked when I was depressed.

    The Lord suddenly had you yell through the door and he immediately left. Good job, Diane. Thank You Jesus soooooo much.

    Around here, a big draw for burglars is a flat screen T.V. I tell everyone to not let theirs be viewable through any windows. If the curtains aren't thick enough in the dark morning or evening hours, they can see the outline of the T.V. flickering through the curtains too. So turn the T.V. facing away from any windows, plus have thick curtains. And don't put the box on the curb that anything worth anything came in on trash day without tearing it up and bagging it.

    It's a violation what he did, and I know you'll be traumatized for a long time because of it, terrified someone else will try that or worse. And scared for your kitty cats if it had happened when you weren't home. When I had my precious kitty babies, I worried about their safety as much as I would my kids, they were me and hub's babies.

    When I go grocery shopping or on errands with hubby, I am so scared it will happen with my son here sleeping soundly days. My traveling prayer every time I get in the van to leave is "Jesus, keep us safe, my son safe, the van safe, and everyone safe. Get us there and back safe. Please. Thank You. Amen."

    I hope and pray that's the end of it.

    Lord Jesus, thank You for keeping Diane and the kitties safe. Please continue to keep Diane and her babies safe and it never happen again. After the shock wears off, give her Your peace that transcends all understanding. Lord make it so. Amen.

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    praying for your dear niece....let her get well at soonest and enjoy perfect health from now on...

    diane - sorry to hear what you went thru...praying you and your home

    will be kept safe

    god bless
  12. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Springwater and Julie and All.

    The next day she couldn't get her pill bottle open for three hours, but didn't have any crying.

    Then yesterday she wrote her mom "Not bad for a morning. Still stiff and sore but able to get up on first attempt, and get food."

    So I think the Prednisone is kicking in nicely.

    Will see what happens after the ten days of Prednisone are up.

    Thanks everyone for prayers and good wishes for her and family, and for supporting me through my fright. I'm feeling more hopeful and calmer now that she's feeling a bit better.

  13. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Just as I feared, as she tapers off the high dose of Prednisone she got worse.

    Her dad had just bought some Zyflamend - an herbal remedy that acts like Celebrex for inflammation - to try himself for his Ankylosing Spondylitis. He took some over for her to try this evening. Sis doesn't know if she'll try it or wait for doctor's O.K. Going back to doc.

  14. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Diane.

    Niece went to doctor today and he admitted her to hospital for testing - bloodwork and IVs - to try to find out what's wrong.

    She's still in a lot of pain.

    I just now emailed Sis asking if she had been hiking or walk in park this summer. And told her I hope they test her for Lyme because it needs to be dealt with swiftly and aggressively with antibiotics or else it's a life sentence.

    Diane, I don't remember you being on Prednisone for two years, but if you posted it I'm sure I read it, since I read all the posts as they come in. My memory's so shot - I can ask hub or sons a question in conversation and they answer me, and then half a minute later ask the same question. Too bad the medicines have side effects, or we could stay on them.

    I'm so glad they put niece in hospital for thorough testing. I hope and pray they test for Lyme too.

    Thanks everyone for prayers. My Sis keeps thanking us for prayers too.

  15. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Niece diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

    They upped her Prednisone again which makes her feel better, even though she's still hobbling in pain and had to drop the semester at college and still can't work.

    They're putting her on Sulphasalsazine, a long-acting sulpha drug which will take a month to kick in - they will gradually lower the dosage of Prednisone as it kicks in. They must think it wasn't an allergic reaction to sulpha drug as first suspected by first doc.

    Pray the new med works. Thanks.

    None are as effective as Prednisone though, I've read.

    Thanks for the prayers and support.

  16. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    There are some Dr's who believe that RA is caused by an infection, Proteus mirabilis or mycoplasma.

    Please show the following link about Proteus mirabilis infection to your niece's family...and also the other links have some very good info.

    Great info from Dr Mercola about treatment with antibiotics:

    Gluten can also play a big role. There are lots of good articles here:

    I wonder if she would benefit from curcumin more than a pharmaceutical drug... Doctors really don't know about supplements, herbs, etc.

    Thanks for the update, Patti.

    I will continue prayers for your niece.
  17. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nanie.

    Last week my sister wrote:

    "Her goal is to get on the same anti-inflammatory natural regimen as her dad, brother, and sister have been on. No gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, hot peppers, eggplant), and anti-inflammatory natural herbal stuff. Hub has started on something called Zyflamend. He has a book about auto-immune stuff."

    The Zyflamend has tumeric in it. Niece will be trying it too. Along with the other anti-inflammatory supplements her dad takes.

    Interesting about the urinary infection causing arthritis symptoms.

    I'll pass your post along to my sis, thanks.

  18. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Good to hear that she is planning natural treatments and clean eating.

    The info from Dr Mercola is definitely worth looking into too...except it may be hard to find a mainstream Dr who would admit that an infection could cause RA.
  19. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Hi Nanie.

    I just read the Dr. Mercola link a bit ago, very good.

    Yes, so hard to find a doc who's knowledgeable and astute and caring and willing to take the time to try the newer state-of-the-art treatments.

    Look how long it took for mainstream docs to believe that ulcers were caused by h-pylori and treat it with antibiotics.

    Another example - the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is saying it may be caused by an infectious agent. Glad they're getting on to that.

    I thank God for the astute researchers who work tirelessly to find the causes and treatments of illnesses. Amen.

    I truly believe that 'stealth infections' are behind many ailments - they slip under the radar of mainstream testing. Or are opportunistic then make you even sicker. I first learned of stealth infections here on PH.

    I swear by high-dose garlic capsules - which are a powerful antibiotic and antifungal. Has saved me and hubby many times when nothing else would work.

  20. hangininthere

    hangininthere Well-Known Member

    Good news. So far so good.

    Here's the update Sis gave me today Friday:

    "She went back to work Thursday and Friday. She was very happy after her first day. Said her work was caught up for her so she didn't face a mountain of paperwork. They told her to take it easy and ease herself back into things and were very supportive of her. Only thing she was disappointed about was one of her clients that she had been working with for months left the program. It's always disappointing when they relapse. Someone has picked up her Saturday group for now so she didn't have to go in today. "

    And an update today Saturday:

    "She said it took more out of her than she realized going back to work those two days. Is glad she dropped college."

    Praying for that one long-acting anti-inflammatory med she's on to work real well as they slowly wean her off the Prednisone in the coming month.

    She has started her special diet too.

    Thanks for the prayers and support. We sure do appreciate it.

    Thank You Jesus soooooo much!!!