Prayer Request For Niece

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    Good news. So far so good.

    Here's the update Sis gave me today Friday:

    "She went back to work Thursday and Friday. She was very happy after her first day. Said her work was caught up for her so she didn't face a mountain of paperwork. They told her to take it easy and ease herself back into things and were very supportive of her. Only thing she was disappointed about was one of her clients that she had been working with for months left the program. It's always disappointing when they relapse. Someone has picked up her Saturday group for now so she didn't have to go in today. "

    And an update today Saturday:

    "She said it took more out of her than she realized going back to work those two days. Is glad she dropped college."

    Praying for that one long-acting anti-inflammatory med she's on to work real well as they slowly wean her off the Prednisone in the coming month.

    She has started her special diet too.

    Thanks for the prayers and support. We sure do appreciate it.

    Thank You Jesus soooooo much!!!

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    Update. This after her first day back to work after a four day break from work - she works four days a week while she went to college. From Sis's email:

    "She gets up at 3 a.m. to take her Prednisone so it kicks in so she can leave for work at 7:30. Pain gets worse as Pred wears off but is able to make it through her day. Still hobbling. She said it is surreal that she is in such severe pain, like she's in a time warp and has gone to old age. Trying a new supplement - curcumin, in addition to the zyflamend and tart cherry juice and 2 arthritis meds, pred, MSM, aleve, tylenol etc. (Husband) goes for massotherapy - she said the MSM can take a year to rejuvenate all the cells in your body. Thanks for continued prayers."

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    Thanks for the updates.

    Prayers continue!
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    Update on niece from Sis:

    "On days when it's cold or rainy her knees hurt but she is going to work. Going to start up school again in January. Saw arthritis doc. Keeping her on 2 arthritis meds and prednisone. She told him about her diet and supplements. He didn't pooh-pooh that approach. So she is doing much better than when this whole thing started.
    Thanks for prayers."

    Thanks everyone for the prayers and support!

    Thank You Lord Jesus!

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    good to hear update on niece

    god bless her and let hervget completely well
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    Thanks, Springwater.

    Your brother and his wife and all your family have been in my prayers all along. I always read the Porch and see your updates.