Prayer request for sister-in-law with Stage 4 lung cancer

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    Just received a call from my brother in Texas that his wife has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. We don't see them very often...a long ways from Iowa...but this news shocked and saddened me. She is a wonderful lady, several years older than my brother, but they have been married over 31 years and either one would be so lost without the other.

    I think he said the cancer hasn't spread to other organs, but is in both lungs. For some reason, radiation isn't a possibility. Doctors did some labs today and will tell them at their appt. in three weeks what the treatment plan should be. Sounds like some chemo and maybe some oral meds. Not curable, of course, but slow it down and keep from spreading so far.

    I haven't had any experience with lung cancer, so could only offer encouraging words and to pray. My brother sounded like it hadn't quite sunk in yet, but did say that they are going to live their lives as "normally" as possible and she does not want any sympathy or people calling her up to say they are sorry, etc.

    We were planning a trip down there in February anyway, but may move it sooner if necessary. One just never knows, do we? Sis went to the doctor because her heart was "fluttering" and irregular. Docs couldn't fine anything wrong with her heart on xrays, but that's when the lung masses showed up. She still is "symptom-free" as far as having lung cancer...on one hand, I wish we had a little more to go by (prognosis, etc.) but on the other hand, maybe it's best we don't know too far into the future?
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    Praying, Julie. Heartbreaking shock for you all.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that sad news. I am praying for your sister-in-law, your brother and your whole family.

    Mainstream medicine sometimes leaves us with poor options.

    Here is some interesting information. The first one is about how milk thistle extract halts the progression of lung cancer.

    The second link is about how grapeseed extract kills cancer cells:

    The third and fourth links talk about how nutrition can heal cancer:

    There is much more info available on this subject.

    She may want to consider very intensive juicing of nutrient dense foods that are packed with B vitamins, sulfur, and other nutrients that most people do not get nearly enough of.

    Some people have been cured of cancer this way.
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    Thank you, Patti, Nanie and Diane...I am going to check with my brother and see how I can go about getting some of this info to my SIL. It seems they are in denial right now and just waiting to see what the doctor says at their next appt.

    I mentioned on the Porchlight that she might be more open to different ideas if I saw her in person and could talk to her and my brother at the same time. I have thought of very little else, since receiving this news. I can't imagine that it is not at the forefront of their minds also...they have had a few weeks of "suspecting", I guess, to get a little more used to the diagnosis, but still must be in a bit of "shock."
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    Julie - so saddened to hear this news. Joining in prayers with all others here. Praying for your DSIL, your brother, and you yourself, for guidance to know what to do. And for all in family.

    My closest friend leads a group called 'Lifegivers', for cancer patients and their loved ones. She has been doing this for over a decade. She had just been saying to me that there are many layers of healing. Healing of relationships, inner healing, spiritual healing and others.

    I am asking for our Heavenly Father to bring abundant healing and his flowing-over love to your SIL and your brother and each family member.

    Blessings to you, Julie!

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    julie - im truly sorry to hear this distressing news,keeping your sister in law and her family in
    my prayers. may we all be given strength to bear up against challenges which come up and
    may Gods shining white light heal our lives on ever level.

    god bless
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    I'm so sorry about your sister...I will be thinking of her in my prayers,,God bless and comfort her.
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    Thanks again for prayers and words of encouragement. I talked to my brother today and Sis has been totally overwhelmed with people giving her advice on alternative cancer treatments. But she is trying some things and watching her diet, etc. Most of the advice has come from her own family members who have dealt with cancer I am going to refrain from sending her any more research and just trust that what she is doing may help.

    When we go see them in person, I will take along the websites, etc. and let her look things up on her own. I was reading about the genetic testing her doctor has done (and she will get results in a couple weeks.) Seems as though it helps determine which treatments will better pinpoint an individual's own cancer...and if chemo is used, it is supposed to only target the bad cells and not cause so many side affects, etc.

    I guess it is a very personal decision, as far as what treatments to use...I know if it was me, I would do some alternative and some conventional...whatever might give me the best chance of survival or even a little more quality of life, for what time I had left.

    Thanks again...I am just waiting now to hear what her doctor says in a couple weeks...