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  1. kriket

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    Hi all-

    My fiance and I need your prayers desperately. We both have fibromyalgia and are suffering a lot right now. We are both progressing in the pain and fatigue area. He has a gallstone trapped in the neck of his gallbladder and we have been to the er 2 times and we have no insurance. It is hard for us to afford our meds as he is unable to wrk and I have just recently had to cut way back on my job due to so much pain and fatigue. We need your prayers so bad !!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Kriket
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  2. windblade

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    Praying for your needs to be met.

    There is a good post on the Depression board :' Low cost/no cost prescriptions.' It has a long list of places to go to.

    Will keep praying for your needs.

    May God Bless both you and your fiancee, and help you through this difficult time, having tender mercy and protection for your weakness, pain, and all needs. Asking this in his Holy name. Amen
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    Praying for you and your fiance

    Dear Lord , please help kriket and her fiance. Please help them not be in flares at the same time , so that they can care for one another. Please lessen thier pain and give them extra energy when they need it.

    Watch over these two precious people and let them only get energy and Joy from knowing that they can truly understand how each other feels.

    In Jesus Name

    Amen and Amen

  4. jole

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    As someone else said, please check on resources that are available for low income people. There are quite a few good deals out there for meds, etc...although I understand what he needs at this point may be more than meds.

    Sometimes our days are so bad we tend to turn inward instead of toward God....I've done it so many times myself, when there didn't seem to be any answers for my pain or fatigue, and the depression would take me down.

    But between the two of you, perhaps one of you could be "up" enough to pray until the other can rise up to that level also. I am a firm believer of prayer and the power it has. God will hear you....and us....and show you the way to coping and finding the answer for your fiance's gallbladder issues.

    Just remember God made us smart, and that means try to find a medical solution through some sort of program that helps pay expenses. After that, you only need to pay a small ($10) payment a month on the balance, if you talk to the billing department first....they will usually work with you.

    Asking God's goodness, love and healing power be with you!
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    Prayer's going up for your situation! So sorry that things are so bad right now. Hang in there.

  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers to you and your husband. I posted a thread right here on this site about low cost/no cost prescriptions. Please read it as there may be something that could help.
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    Just wanted to take a monent and thank each of you for the prayers. It is nice to know that there are so many supportive people out there that care. Much Love and thanks !

  8. kriket

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    Please continue to pray for my fiance and I. We are doing some better, but are still in desperate need of our Lord's power. Please pray that their will be a way that we will be able to have fiance's gallbladder removed due to the stone that is trapped in the neck of it. We have no insurance and we both suffer immensoulsy from fibromyalgia and depression. We are having a tough time. I know the Lord can open doors that no man can open. Lord, please here our cry and help comfort us and help us through these hard times.