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    Would like to bring back the custom here of a weekly prayer gathering. Where we all pray together for each other's needs and struggles. I'm not good about meeting any kind of deadlines these days, so if you would care to, just leave your prayer request here. And I know people pray even when they don't have the strength to answer right away.

    But we can help each other through.

    I would like to ask for prayer for myself for depression. I can't seem to break out of it. My husband and I had to move very quickly out of a mold-infested house from hurricanes and flooding. It will still take us about a year to replace, or restore all that has been damaged by the flooding and mold.

    But we can't put down roots in the apartment where we are because I don't have the strength to live on two floors - handling the stairs is beyond me. Trying to accept moving again - have only been here 5 months, and was hoping it to be permanent.

    Please pray also that I can push past the depression and other ptsd symptoms to get to Dr. Appts. need to get tested for diabetes - insulin test. And treated for painful and lingering mold illness.

    Thank you for any and all prayers!
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    So glad to see more people here recently.
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    I'm going thru neck traction for the cervical stenosis. It was so painful and scary to me this week. Tuesday they hook me up to machine plus the manual. I also have FM, and seem to be plagued with more anxiety than normal which seems to make everything worse. I feel so "loopy" so much of the time anymore.
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    I Put your name on a post-it by by my computer, so I can remember to lift up prayers as I pass by.

    I'm so sorry for all of that pain! Is it in all of your neck, or located in just one area mostly? How long is the traction for? I have huge amounts of anxiety almost always, so can relate to anxiety for sure. It's so hard for me to push past it!

    I hope that you can find special comforts after this grueling week. Small things I like are dark chocolate with a good book - which brings me into another interesting world for awhile, or a good talk with a close friend helps me feel connected. And I saw my first robin yesterday! Fat and cosy looking and that lovely, familiar song.

    Please write here as often as feels good for you. Especially if going through a particularly bad time. Will keep you in prayer, and as I mentioned in other post, my convent of nuns are praying throughout the day for every member on every board at PH. They are so strong in prayer and faithful.

    Love, Judy
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    Leah, thank you so much for your prayers. Brain fog - can't remember if I asked for prayer to get to Dr. Visits. I need to do an Insulin test which means sitting in the Lab waiting room and drinking sugary drinks when I already feel so dizzy and weak. But must do it somehow - my Dr. is concerned about diabetes.

    And also must get help for constant inflammation of my lips and face from mold illness.

    So thank you everyone for prayer help for those.

    Leah, OH, I know so well what terrible weariness feels like! I need to constantly wend my way through physical exhaustion and all the symptoms of ptsd - depression, anxiety, nighmares, etc. Know that weariness so well.

    Praying for this especially bad time for you. Put your name on one of my post-its. Love praying for people.

    Jam - hi there!

    Yes, I have clinical depression - maybe hereditary and from childhood abuse situation. AD's help me to have spaces inbetween the depressed days now. And other mind focuses help.

    I had my doc do a test for Vitamin D about 4 years ago since you had mentioned it so much. Was so thankful that you did since it turned out to be very low. Have been taking it daily since.

    I took thyroid med. once - think it was Armour - and had one of the worst psychological reactions ever. Thought I would go crazy - couldn't wait to get it out of my system. But am going to be tested again, and perhaps there is another type of med. But will still be very cautious.

    I've been so happy, Jam to see how the acupuncture and something else? has lessened your pain!

    Blessings to both,
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    Years ago I had a 4 hr. test. I ALWAYS have to eat protein as soon as I get up and having to fast and then put up with the awful way I felt with the sugar.....awful. Let us know when you get scheduled.

    Depression is such a hard thing to live with and then add health issues along with it. I think about all of you on the prayer board and pray for you throughout the day.

    By the way, I wonder if organic virgin coconut oil rubbed onto your face and lips would help. It's amazing stuff. And it fights all types of things. Do a search on it. I also take 2 TBS of it melted for my brain, after reading how it fights alzheimers and dementia. It's bad enough losing our muscles to FM but don't want to have anything happen to my brain.

    And I keep forgetting to ask about your nun friends. This isn't a convent for a small order in Conneticut, is it? My husband's half sister is a nun and was in Conneticut for several years and has now been transferred to a sister house in Deluth, Minnesota.
  7. ... I will be praying for each of you and your needs. Thank you, Judy, for starting this prayer request thread... Great idea and very much needed... The power of prayer is an awesome thing... Thank you!

    I'm so sorry to hear what everyone is dealing with. I, too, have had a very rough week(s)... There was a couple days this past week when I really didn't know if I'd make it (not trying to sound dramatic, but being honest) too many things to list right now... But your prayers are much appreciated...

    Easter is usually such a joyous day for me and my family... Yesterday was anything but... Words can't describe how bad I've been feeling, and yesterday was no exception. By the hardest, and with a lot of help from my husband, I was at least able to assemble an Easter basket for my 11 year old... But that was all. Couldn't do any of the family traditions that my son has been accustomed to... And it just makes me feel so very sad.

    And to make matters worse, my sister-in-law who I NEVER hear from, texts me a happy Easter message and says she hopes I'm enjoying the beautiful weather... It was almost like rubbing salt in the wound. She knows through my parents how rough my illness has been, so she is either cruel or clueless... Not sure which...

    But no, I didn't get to enjoy ANY of the beautiful weather we've been having all week... And it kills me... I would love to be out in it (one of my favorite times of the year)... In my garden that I used to love to tend... which has been brown and dead and over run with weeds for quite a few years now... Or riding bikes with my son... Or taking a walk... I could go on and on...

    So fed up with this illness and all its limitations which seem to keep growing... And so fed up with family and others who are SUPPOSE to care, who I once was so close to, being so callous and indifferent to what I'm dealing with... No matter how hard I've tried to educate them over the last couple of years about this illness and what it does to our bodies... Just makes it so much worse...

    I haven't even been able to spend time in God's Word or have my quiet time in a while now... Although I continue to pray... I'm sure having both my daughters home a couple of weeks ago for my youngest daughter's spring break and then my son's spring break this past week, has drained me physically... And not being able to do all I would like to do with them when their home always drains me emotionally as well...

    So any and all prayers are appreciated... There is much more I could share, but just not up to it right now. But I will def be praying for all of you... God is more than able to help each of us... May He bless each of you with better days ahead...

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
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  8. I am going through same as you but probably my depression is much deeper than yours...I can barely get out of bed in the mornings..feel like I am not sleeping well at all,don't want to the laundry or bye groceries, or even eat...April 1st, Monday,I woke up so sick...very dizzy..I had to call my Dr. and see her that same day--April1st.

    She gave me the results of my blood test...and stupid me forget to ask the reception for a copy..will go by the office on Tuesday hopefully...I retired, on January 31st..couldn't wait to..and now I feel soooooo bored...I live kids,and my Aunt who rarely calls lives in Jacksonville, two brothers are totally messed up....don't want to get into that...My ex-husband who I was with we broke up almost 2 years ago..lives in Florida..and doesn't want to return to New York..his daughter committed suicide at age 39,3 months shy of her 40th Birthday,right her in New York on Sept. 9th,2012...

    I just got on the anti-depressant Lexapro...will start taking them tommorrow..I can't alllow myself to go further deeper into this depression or I will end up hospitalized..and I don't want it to get to that point...So Judy..I know the exact feeling you are going through.

    After seeing my dr.. and get refills on all of my meds, I went to the Pharmacy..
    inside I met an elderly man..who proceeded to tell me, he felt very depressed,living by himself,no family,..he kept telling he didn't want to stay in his apt. by himself...A couple of times he got so scared he went into the hallway of his apt. floor,and neighbors had to call the police...I think he was in the early stages of Alzheimer' what he mentioned is called "wandering". My Mom also went through the same experience as he when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease...I felt so bad to see him in such a state of confusion..I wanted to reach out and give him my telephone number so I could check up on him,but thought it might give him the idea that I wanted a relationship with,and Lord knows I have my own issues and battles to deal with..

    Depression is such a horrible state to be in...Judy if you feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper,,,please make an appt. with a therapist and start an anti-depresant regimen...Life is too short..for us to let all of our problems dig us deeper into despair...I will keep you in my prayers tonight,cause I am going through major depression so I truly know what you are experiencing...

    Get help Judy and don't despair...God won't give us more than we can handle...Take care and God Truly Bless You. Helena
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    Shel - so glad that you have come here to give and receive prayers and support!I'm so sorry for the hard times you are going through. We end up doing a lot of grieving for losses with these DD's.

    I'm hoping that you will gain a little strength now that all of your children are not on spring break.

    I had to give up gardening too - we had deer and wild turkeys, many animals in the woods close behind our house. They walked through our side and front yards so much, and I got concerned about Lyme from them. I just felt that it would be something I couldn't handle. Now my DH and I are living in a sunny apt., and I have the light to grow flowering plants for the first time inside.

    I'm really loving it! I have a gorgeous purple orchid - seven flowers that look like large butterflies. And my husband got me an elegant pink cyclamen plant for Easter.

    Just this morning it felt good to find a place in the sun for the poinsetta plant on our kitchen table - it's bright, strong red brought so much cheer through the winter.

    I'm thinking about your youngest child, and that your love is still coming through, even though you need to grieve for all the ways you used to express it.

    I know for sure that when a parent has a loving heart, that love will feed the child's heart ! Even in the midst of losses and illness.

    I didn't receive that love from my parents. But had a beloved Grandma that I knew loved me greatly. When she was older and in a nursing home, I delighted in caring for her little indoor window garden, and reading out loud to her - I read through all the Narnia books and others; she lived to be 92. And her love is still strong with me although she's been gone for over 20 years now.

    Thank you for your prayers, Shel! I hope I didn't sound insensitive to your very real sufferings and losses. But just maybe to bring some encouragement that you still have the crucial love for your child's heart, and your older ones too.

    Keeping you in my prayers daily!
    May God greatly bless you, and all in your family

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    Out of all my 20 years of CFS, I still have to say that depression is worse for me.

    You did well to even make that call to your Dr. for results. Leah Freida is so right, you must try and take care of yourself like a beloved family member. Try and eat a little, even very small things - a spoonful or bite of this and that.

    Did your depression come on suddenly, or are you prone to it? I remember you were doing better for awhile - in your last post - able to clean and sort through things in your house.

    It must be so terrible to have no family to turn to. Loneliness is so hard to bear! And the boredom that you mentioned too. We all need a purpose in life of some kind.

    I take Lexapro also - before that I would go through years of the blackest depression. I'm glad you started yours, and that it's building up in your system. Do you have a therapist to help to adapt to retiring from your job? That's a huge adjustment! And my great prayer for you has been some new connection in life - with people, work, some kind of purpose that will be deeply meaningful to you!!! I'm trusting God for this - he knows you through and through.

    Did your mother have alzheimer's for a long time? It is such a terrible disease. The only thing that gave me comfort for 2 of my family members that had alzheimers was the hope of heaven. But also - my father ended up opening his heart to God - he returned to his faith for the first time in his adult life from battling this disease. I had been praying fervently for over 30 years

    Keep writing here, Helena, everyday or as much as you want. We'll be waiting to hear how you're doing, and everyone will be praying faithfully!

    Love, Judy
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    Sunflower - My nun friends have their Motherhouse in upstate New York - but also have off-shoots in the Phillipeans (sp?) and Nigeria and other places in the US. I'm not even Catholic - so their love means even more to me! One side of my family was Irish Catholic, the other Scandinavian Lutheran and I was raised Lutheran.

    Have gone through many changes in spiritual growth - think of myself as a Protestant/Catholic or Catholic/Protestant, although most people tell me that's not possible:)

    Also feel very close to people of other faiths and love living in a time when we can exchange riches!!!

    Thank you for your concern for my Dr. Appts. - especially the insulin one. I don't have a date set up yet but it's a big help to think I can check in with you about it.

    It's been 2 years since my Dr. gave me the first script, and between my father's last illness and death, 2 hurricanes, flooding,and being declared a Federal Disaster Area, getting severe mold illness, moving out of our house of 21 years - I wasn't even able to pack...just had to leave within 24 hours...never went back. And trying to wend my way through CFS, ptsd with major depression, whewwww. I'm still trying to make it.

    Will try again and gather up my energy to go. Will let you know. Thank you!

    Also I put coconut oil on my shopping list - organic. But think I need to check if it's bad for depression. I used to use it - forgot what happened. Will try and find my notes.

    How was your Easter?

    Leah - So lovely to see your posts so filled with empathy and care and prayer winding through this thread. I'm so glad that you're here! Just going to my 'Happiness..... post to answer you there.

    Love, Judy
  12. ... I appreciate your prayers more than I can say! And the prayers ARE helping... I was actually able to function some yesterday and today (praise God!), and was able to accomplish a few small things... So thank you SO much for your prayers... Even doing little things can be so encouraging! I'm not sure how long my "reprieve" will last, but I am thankful nonetheless!

    Judy, I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle with depression... Whether clinical or situational, I think all of us on this board can relate and understand. Just so glad that you've found a med that is working for you and helping.

    And Judy, I'm so glad that you are in a brighter and healthier home... And can enjoy your indoor plants! I so love plants and flowers too! I marvel at God's creation and praise Him every time I get to see the various beauty of His creation! I haven't had indoor plants for a while now, except a small peace lily on my kitchen counter that was given to me when my beloved grandmother died in May 2011.

    I had to give up on having indoor plants a few years ago because my daughter's cat would eat the plants and then get sick and throw up. But now that the cat is no longer here, I need to look into getting a few house plants. I do have 3 plants on my porch that are hanging in there... Brings me so much joy whenever I get to look out the window and see them thriving :) I'm so glad to hear that your flowers and plants are bringing you joy too! :)

    I LOVE orchids too, but the last ones I had bit the dust :( and now I'm afraid to get anymore... You'll have to tell me the trick for keeping them longterm... Not sure if they were over or under- watered... ???

    But I still miss planting and caring for plants/ flowers in my garden. And when I go through a really bad bout of illness which goes on for days or weeks or months, my husband either forgets to water the plants or over-waters them, which in either case they die. So it is a miracle that my clover and peace lily are still here!

    I almost lost two of the three clovers, but after pruning away all the dead stuff and giving a dose of miracle grow a week or so ago, they bounced back :) can't tell you how happy that makes me :) Maybe I should try a dose of miracle grow myself ;) might be just the thing to turn my health around ;) Don't I wish!!!

    Thank you, Judy, for the encouragement about my son too. I truly appreciate your kind thoughts and words. I'm just so sorry that your parents didn't give you the love you deserved... I will never understand how parents can be that way. Thank God for your loving grandmother and the wonderful relationship you had with her. Sounds like you were a blessing to one another... so beautiful.

    Don't know what I would have done without loving grandparents either... especially my paternal grandmother who we lost almost 2 years ago... We had such a close relationship... Miss her terribly... But you are right when you say that their love lives on in us...

    My parents weren't the greatest either... I too had a lot of childhood trauma and turmoil, but when The Lord came into my life and transformed me, The Lord enabled me to have unconditional love for them... And it's been that way for over twenty years now... Although I don't get to see them as much as I'd like because of this DD...

    I so appreciate your friendship and support, Judy! And of course your prayers! Our God is truly amazing and can turn things around for us in the blink of an eye... (As He has for me over the last couple of days)... And i know He can for all on this board as well...

    I am praying for you, Judy, and Leah and Helena and Sunflowergirl and all on this board... And will continue to lift each of you up to The Lord daily.

    I truly thank God for each of you. May The Lord uplift, sustain, strengthen and heal all of you (us). God bless you!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
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    And all who hv posted

    Ive read through and am touched by how so many of
    Us go through these same feelings of being so unwell
    In so many ways due to challenges and difficulties
    In our past which are now impacting our present

    I've also been thru the lowest of lows and can

    I pray for everyone of us.

    I marvel at the beautiful souls I come across on
    This board and cherish the fact that I have met them
    Here and know they exist.

    I ask God daily to make His purpose known and
    See into each of our hearts what's there and
    Please please answer.

    I have to say I'm in a better place now than
    Two years ago tho my situations may hv
    Become worse, a brother with advanced cancer,
    A niece hospitalized with bi polar, my son struggling
    To find what is the right line of study for him
    A middle brother with severe alcoholic issues,
    And youngest is having mental problems obsessive
    Compulsive disorder where all he does is listen to
    The radio with ear plugs on

    If my eldest brother expires with the cancer I will be responsible
    For my SIL and youngest brother and they do not like
    Each other

    However, I'm focusing on the present moment and I'm okay
    For now, I even have started feeling moments of joy and calm

    As soon as a morbid thought comes into my mind I say
    "I've thought about that before, nothing comes out of thinking
    It again, and say GOd Bless so and so..."

    And just make a motion in front of me as if I'm cutting a cord
    From my heart to the situation/person about whom I've had
    That thought.

    And then I think about something that doesn't bring up anxious/
    Bitter/sad feelings like someone's dress or focus on a shop sign
    Or something.

    I hope this good phase lasts. It is an up and down thing. I was
    Close to tears the other day with all my duties and then after
    Meditating I was really calm and tranquil and positive. Then
    Last evening I started feeling anxious again, and had to walk
    Around until I was so tired I could fall asleep.

    This morn I feel good.

    I hope I can string good positive moments together enough to
    Get very strong. And be able to help others.

    God Bless

    God Bless
  14. windblade

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    Shel - enjoyed your post so much. I think I've been receiving the benefit of so much prayer too. I feel more determined to open as many doors as I can to things that make me feel alive! Small or big - but I think this is an aspect of hope.

    If you have some indoor flowering plants to keep you company when you are more bedridden, and then also have some on your porch. Is your porch enclosed? What kind of flowers do you have in the pots there? i just love flowers and all growing things.

    Then also your outdoor area. What is the clover you're growing? So happy you were able to save it with the Miracle Grow. Lol - yes we could all use some of that:)

    I'm surprised at my purple-pink orchid - how well it's doing. It is so beautiful. It gets a lot of full morning sun here, and then more afternoon sun. I very lightly water the bark in the container. This is the first orchid I've ever grown. The pods looked so small and brownish, but every single one slowly opened up, put out two wings, then continued blooming into huge dramatic flowers.

    My husband got it for me on Valentines Day, so that makes it more special.

    Shel, keeping you in prayer. And always especially including your younger son. And all members of your family.

    I feel so good how everyone has gathered here into such a caring group

    Love and blessings, Judy
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    I do exactly the same thing when I get hung up on negative memories. Something that someone else did or I did or said. I pull my attention away from feeling bad, and use that energy to bless the person and their loved ones!!! I think it's so valuable.

    It saves me from being too harsh with myself which I tend to do. And gives me the opportunity to pray into the life of the one I'm thinking of. And I know that prayer brings changes to a person on so many levels.

    Spring, I was so glad to read that your group at the Center are caring for you by giving you the advice to step back a bit from family troubles. You need to replenish your energies, and tend to eating well, resting, giving your mind and body a break.

    I know it's a balancing act! But glad there are people watching out for you.

    Coming from backgrounds like yours and mine, we need to practice this since no-one ever taught us to care for ourselves.

    Was so glad to hear about the meditation giving you calmness and energy! And that you've had some times of relief and even good feelings.

    Enjoy your garden and dogs, and reading; light, good things.

    And how wonderful of you,too, that you brought your niece a treat and went to visit her. Then you need to monitor yourself and care for yourself again.

    I haven't forgotten about praying for your son. What kind of options does he have for his studies - leading to career.

    Take care dear friend, you're doing so wonderfully dealing with everything!

    God Bless:)
  16. ... Spring, so glad to hear you're feeling better latey! And I love your approach to handling negative thoughts! I sometimes too am bombarded with memories of hurtful things others have said or done to me (extended family) and unfortunately, they continue to hurt me... but when those thoughts start upsetting me, I pray and ask the Lord to take those thoughts away...

    I used to pray for the offenders, but then stopped cause I didn't want to think of them at all... but I realize that was a mistake... need to start praying for them again... and like you, ask God to bless them... not easy sometimes though! Especially when they continue to hurt you... But Jesus did say for us to pray for our enemies, to turn the other cheek (even if its over and over again) and to forgive repeatedly... so even though it can be difficult sometimes, its so necessary and helpful...

    But I hope you continue to do better and better, Spring! I so want to get stronger and be able to help others too! I used to get such joy out of helping others when I was healthy... before this DD kicked in... and its probably the thing I miss most. Praying we can all get stronger and do those things we've dreamed of doing again...

    Judy, I'm so glad you enjoyed my post :) and that you are feeling the benefits of the prayers going up for you! Unfortunately for me, my two days of doing better ended with my body crashing... I guess I overdid things... but I really didn't think I was :-( I haven't been doing well since...

    The potted plants on my porch are the purple clover that blooms little pink flowers... love them so much! My front porch is not enclosed, but there is a porch swing out there... I just rarely feel well enough to go out there even just to sit.

    And my house has a ton of large bees that hover around and make it hard to enjoy being out doors anyway... they get very close and continually try to chase us away... so that usually keeps us from being able to enjoy sitting outdoors :-(

    And right now, I don't have any other flowering plants in my hosue... just the peace lily. Ironically, a few years ago, I had given my mom the same potted orchid that I bought for myself... her's is still thriving and blooming... and she enjoys it so much! While mine bit the dust eventually... so obviously I did something wrong :-\

    But I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy your orchid... What a sweet husband to buy you that for Valentines day! So much better than a cut flower arrangement that dies and gets thrown away! And is so expensive too! Smart AND sweet husband! :) maybe I will hint to my husband to get me one for Mother's Day this year so I can give it another try!

    I keep hoping I will feel well enough to go to my nearby Home Depot or Lowe's to pick out some indoor plants, but the days and weeks keep going by, and I haven't been able to... maybe soon though...

    I'm so glad to get to know you and Spring and all the others on this board! The support, friendship and prayers are SUCH a blessing!

    Thanks again for caring and for your prayers, Judy and Spring! Means more than you know!

    Continuing to pray for all of you as well! God bless you!

    Gentle Hugs,

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    It brings a smile to my face to think of you two
    tending to your beloved flower plants.

    I can just imagine them. They really are little
    presents of happiness wrapped in green and
    colours aren't they? The way caring for them
    brings joy to the heart.

    I watched a travel show of Paul Mertons
    where he goes to Italy a quiet part of it where
    people meditate and connect with their inner selves
    and nature.

    One of the ladies there has this mechanism where
    one can hear the plant sing along if she sings.

    Paul Merton a no nonsense modern day traveller is
    visibly moved and amazed at what he is experiencing
    When he tries the mechanism and listens to the plant.

    After that I always am extra careful to see that I've
    watered my plants and none of them are thirsty.

    Today has been on the whole good. Feel much better
    energy wise, no I don't feel like rushing around doing
    chores, but I don't feel like I'm drained and empty
    and hurting all over either.

    And feelings wise, I'm so calm, it's like no one in my
    family is ill or in any trouble. It's just me, this calm
    cool night and the computer. What a relief! Coming
    home in evening I had been feeling anxious. That's
    Gone now.

    I did meditation at the centre in the morning, twin hearts
    With chakral healing.

    Oh! My niece is home from hospital. She came back Friday evening.
    Thank you to all who prayed. Judy, pls also convey my thanks to
    the sweet nuns at the convent.

    Take care, all of you precious souls

    God Bless

  18. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Sending prayers for everyone--sorry I don't remember who needs what.

    Have a good day!

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i forgot to say my son started his first year of college with taking IT
    computers. however, he found it too difficult to catch up on the stuff
    he missed for two years in grades 11 and 12 where he studies ecomomics,

    he is not good at math so mba was not an option. now he is searching
    for options in humanities subjects. i pray he will be guided and thank you
    for your prayers too. also my daughter is struggling with her decision
    to study finance masters. i would appreciate prayers for her as well if
    you can.

    thank you and thank you to Beadlady as well who is praying for everyone.

    God Bless