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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Shirl, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I feel a bit foolish asking for prayer with all the serious problems we have on this board right now, but I know I am having a personal problem.

    I have no appetite. Don't laugh you nice people who are always trying to diet! This is just as bad, in reverse.

    I simply don't feel like eating, I am forcing myself to eat. This is not new, I have been like this all my life. No, I don't have that eating disorder, can't even spell it!

    I used to be a night eater, nothing before 7pm(still didn't eat very much). Well a few years ago, I realized that I had to stop doing this, as I had enough trouble sleeping without a full stomach, plus the IBS etc.

    But lately, it is getting worst. I simply don't feel like eating, can't even think of something I would want to eat.

    I would appreciate prayer, that I simply get an appetite.

    Thank you, and God's blessings for all of you.

    Shalom, Shirl

  2. Nonie

    Nonie New Member

    Dearest Shirl ,

    Sweety , I will deffinately add you to my prayers ! You have always been so good about praying for my needs , and I want you to know that I am very greatful ! Have you tried drinking some things like "Ensure" to keep your calorie intake up ? What about some high calorie shakes or something like that ? Or your favorite foods ? Please do not let yourself waste away , we need you too badly here ! We love you ! Sending you a big dose of (((HUGS))) aplenty ! GOD bless you . "Shalom" !

    With much , much RESPECT . Nonie
  3. deecrossett

    deecrossett New Member

    Shirl, A request like this is not silly. We are all God's children and if you feel you need prayer, then I will pray for you. Dear Lord, I am praying that You help Shirl find relief. Shirl is one of Your special children and she is in need of Your Guiding Light. Please allow her to regain an appetite and fill her with peace. In Your name, I pray. Amen.
  4. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    I pray that your appetite improves so that you can get the nourishment you need. God bless.
  5. tapmom

    tapmom New Member

    I am glad to pray for this need of yours. I've had this, too, from time to time. Protein shakes have helped me alot to keep up the strength.
  6. Andrea

    Andrea New Member

    Just to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you today. I want to thank you for all the kindness and support you give. You have helped me so much. I feel like I actually know you. I think you are such a wonderful person! Try and have a wonderful day!
  7. silverbell

    silverbell New Member

    Dear Shirl
    May the Lord Bless You and I pray give you back your appetite I pray this in the name of Jesus The Lord wants us all healthy and its kinda strange cause I have the same problem plus I just quit smoking. My husband likes to cook butI feel guilty when he does so I force myself sometimes. I went thru it a few years ago for about a year. When things get me down things just kinda shut down. The Lord walks us thru it,He is always faithful and He loves you so very much,,I know this to shall pass for you...and you'll come out even stronger. Kinda nibble on things you really really like if you can...sometimes it helps to have a really good friend over to eat with I know thats helped me alot. And I missed you and I pray the Lord gives you more love joy and the peace that passes all understanding and top it off with a really healthy appetite..Love and prayers always silverbell
  8. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    For your thoughts, advice and most of all your prayers.

    I am better, at least I am eating somewhat.

    This is a long time problem. I think it started when I was a child. I was an only child and grandchild for many years.

    Everyone spoiled me. My whole family made such an issue about my eating, that it got to the point they would pay me to eat!! I know, it sounds silly, but that is how it went for many years.

    No, I did not carry this on to my children! In fact all three of them are 'normal'with food.

    I have overcome a lot of the very bad habits I had by being so spoiled, but the eating is still a problem. I just hate to take time out to eat.

    I am one of those people that really do eat to live, instead of live to eat. Neither one is normal to me. Both are a big problem.

    My husband always tells me he wished he had my attitude with food, but it is not healthy.

    He came from a large family, and was always told to 'eat everything on his plate', which turned out to be a problem till this day, he is always fighting his weight. I feed him on a 'smaller' plate to counteract this life long habit. It works when he gets too heavy.

    Richard is at work (he will be gone till July or August), and when I am alone like this, without him here prompting me to 'eat', I just go for hours or days without bothering to eat!
    When he calls his first two questions are:'how do you feel? and then: 'are you eating'? This has been going on for the almost 30 years we are married!

    I have always been a great cook, but did not eat much of what I cooked. I just loved to please others with what they liked I guess.

    Thank all of you for your concern, and most of all your kindness in prayer.

    God Bless all of you, and you are always in my prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    Shirl, you are in my thoughts and prayers concerning your problem with no appetite.
    I heard it is even harder when you are alone alot to eat. Some people just don't want to cook for themselves.

    Have you ever told the Dr. about it?
    Maybe there is something they can suggest for you.
    Have you tried Ensure to make sure you are getting enough nutrition? Eat something, even if it is a little, but eat often.

    I am very concerned about you but glad to see your last post that you are doing some better.
    Sorry I didn't get on here earlier but I wasn't on yesterday.

    Love you Shirl,
  10. froggy

    froggy New Member

    I don't think your lack of eating is silly--my 2 yr.old grandson is like that and has been sense he was about 7-8 months--he eats very little and it doesn't matter what you put in front of him-D-I-L has food out for him all the time and he mite nibble a bit or two but mostly he drinks-so he gets lot's of protein and vitamin drinks and the Dr. said that he is OK-healthy- just small for his age but then so is his mom and granddaughter too- and they both eat fine-food is not a priority to him so I can under stand the eatting to live thing. My prayers are with you always!

  11. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    It is soooooooooooooooooo great to see you back!!

    I sure missed you, my Frog Collecting Friend!

    How is your Hubby? I am afraid I have lost track of you, and had no update in a long time!

    I got so excited, I forgot what you replied to me on here with my bad eating habits!

    I hope you are back for good? I missed you.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. About your grandson, thats what they had told my Mother about me too.

    Believe it or not, I was as healthy as a little skinny horse when I was a kid, but it was wrong of my family to pay me and bribe me to to eat, that made it a long history of not eating unless I was rewarded for it. Don't bribe that little fellow Froggy, just treat him like the other children that are eating normal!

    To Harmony: Yes, I have asked many doctors about it, I usually get laughed at, and told that most women wished they had my problem. None of them took me serious, even when my weight was 100lbs. Now its worst as I do weight 119, but just lost weight with the food poisioning thing last month, usually stay about 125.

    Thank all of you again for your concern. I have been doing much better. Yes, I do try to drink the Ensure, but can't stand malts etc. Not into sweets or ice cream.

    Thanks for the prayer, it is working. I never though of asking for prayer for this before.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  12. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ...i will keep you in my sister has the same problem...not much of an appetite, and low weight...people always telling her how skinny she is...i don't eat alot, but gain weight sis has been trying a few things recommended by an herbalist, and has gained 2 pounds in the 3 weeks since starting....if you are interested in what she is doing, email me and i will let you know what she is taking... it may help you..kristine
  13. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Kristine, will email you tomorrow. Your prayers are much appreciated too.

    Shalom, Shirl
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I have been keeping you in my prayers every since the food poisoning episode because I know you've had problems eating since then. I had no idea it's been such a long-term problem. I'm glad you are doing a little better.

    When we are off our feed bags while we are sick, it is sometimes really hard to get back on to eating regularly, especially if it was something we ate which made us sick.

    I had eaten a tuna salad sandwich the night I got sick with the mycoplasma infection twelve years ago. My stomach was so upset, I lost everything and couldn't eat for days. It has only been lately that I can tolerate tuna at all and it's been twelve years since I got sick. I don't eat much anyway because of the mercury issue and it's still not a favorite food.

    I'll keep praying for you.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I usually (since getting older) maintain my weight at about 125 pounds. But I had food poisioning about a month ago, and lost ten pounds, I could not eat anything for almost a week, it just came back up even fluids. Since then I have had a problem getting those ten pounds back!

    I just don't like to eat. No, I have never been told I had that eating disorder, I think people with it 'think' they are fat, I don't have that problem. I just don't like to eat, and have very little appetite.

    I got back to 119lbs, and my appetite have gotten a little better (thanks to all these wonderful peoples prayers!).

    Yes, I have been 89 pounds many times! I am 5'5", when I was in my late teens early twenties, I did modeling for the local stores in New Orleans, and I can still remember all the girls complaining about their weight and eating, while I was choaking down malts trying to gain weight!

    I had no idea so many of us had this problem, or knew someone who has, wow. I am so surprised with all this response.

    I will be praying for you too Kim, this is not an easy thing to live with. I guess you have problems taking the B vitamins too? You need food in your stomach for them, thats a big problem for me too. I do drink Ensure Plus instead of a Multi Vitamin, as I have not found one yet that I can tolerate.

    I am so glad I can take magnesium on an empty stomach!

    Thank you again for the prayer, and I hope you stop losing weight! We have enough problems.

    Shalom, Shirl

  16. garyandkim

    garyandkim New Member

    get as much as I can from foods. I never thought about Ensure what a great idea! I am a yoyo. I just can't even look at food or smell it or I feel sick right, now.

    Thank you for adding me to your prayers. I believe in the energy of prayer, so powerful when pooled.

    Take good care, Kim