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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Kim, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Kim

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    I ask your prayers for deliverance from depression. I'm 47 and was never depressed until 1999. Then through God's miracle of leading me to a teaching hospital that performed shock therapy the correct way and recognized that with my fragile health I couldn't take antidepressants, I was relieved of depression for over a year. I've had to get "booster ECT" treatments and am believing in complete deliverance from depression. Please join me in prayer. I want to be full of energy so I can dedicate my life to spreading the good news! I am a college professor so I'm in a good position to reach lots of desperate people with the Gospel. The devil is working overtime to keep me down but by God's grace and power I will continue to spread the Word throughout this college.

    In His service,

  2. Harmony

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    I will lift your prayer request before the Lord. God will honor your desire to serve Him and I pray you can reach many at the University for the Lord.

    I have felt hindered by my disability to do what I want to do, like I've done in the past, as a witness, but I have learned that God can use us in a different way, ways we have never dreamed of. I would rather be out in the setting I was in before, in contact with more people, but I have to use whatever means God gives me for the time, to use it for His glory. This Worship Board is an example of it.

    Sounds like with you, teaching at the University, you would have a great opportunity to spread the gospel. I pray God will lift the depression from you and give you the strength to fulfill that mission. God bless you!


  3. allhart

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    prayers for you and thanks for the work you do for others