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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunshyne1027, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Needing prayers to make it through the week. Started the new job. Did alot of walking today. Working for a scinece and industry/has exhibits, lots of kids come through on field trips. Its a fun and exciting place to work at. Love it so far. Doing office work, but going out onto the floor when needed also. Its just the walking around and getting to know the place, all the stuff going on.. my legs, back and hips..In alot of pain here. Then the walk to and from the bus stop. I about collapsed onto the couch when getting home. My boys were so understanding though, fixed us a dinner. Taking pain meds, long hot bath with epsom salt, muscle relaxers. The tens unit. Going to try and get a good nights sleep. Seen all the other prayer requests, and keeping you all in my prayers also.

    Who knows, maybe with just the continued walking and exercise I am getting, the pain will calm down in time. I pray it does. I am so thankful for everything going on in my life.. :)

    Love you all! Sunshyne
  2. danny3861

    danny3861 New Member

    Hello Sunshyne,

    I'm glad to hear about the job and hope everything turns out well.

    Dear Lord,

    Please hear my prayer tonite about Sunshyne and lay your healing hands on her and allow herr to get stronger and stonger , until there is no pain. Help her build up her endurance and make her legs stronger and pain free. Be by her side, holding her hand, and guiding her closer to you. Lift her up high and let see and feel the light. In Jesus name ,amen.

  3. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m so glad you found a job you like so much. Praying that your pain and fatigue with all the walking will be lifted.

  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    So glad to hear you are enjoying your job, that is just wonderful.

    Yes, lets pray that the additional exercise will help you in the long run.

    Will be keeping you in my prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Hi! Congratulations on your new job. I will keep you in my prayers.
  6. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Its been so difficult, you are right on that. I hope too that some of the pain lets up with the more I walk.

    But then..(I dislike the buts)
    The more I walk, the more the pain becomes worse. Its getting to the point of limping. The pain in my left leg and knee.. I do not think its FM related getting so intense now. Most of the pain was gone this morning. Soon as I started walking, it was horrendous the pain.

    Its like what to do? I love the job, I want to work. Am I just grasping straws that the pain will let up with the continues walking, am I just fooling myself once again?
    Am I making whatever is wrong, the pain in my leg and knee, the pain in my right hip and back.. am I making it worse?

    Going to continue working. One of the bummer parts of it all is.. I do not have health insurance. I need it in order to find out and get some help from doctors on the whys and get some relief from it. In order to that, got to work.

    So, keep praying.....

    Looking forward to the weekend, sleep in, relax, take care of me.

  7. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Just a quick update, that I am better. With rest, and not havening to walk much now.. that orientation is over. I feel better. Knee and legs still sore and hurt. But not like last night. And continued rest will help too.

    Someone asked me how bad is the pain, describe it. I said take a hammer and hit your knee caps, then hit the shin and calf on each side round 10 times. Then go on up to the right hip and hammer that a couple times. Then walk.

    Made it through the night, thats what counts. You all are so beautiful! I appreciate the prayers so much, I think they help. Keep the prayers up you prayer warriors!!

  8. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    So glad that you are feeling better. The Lord is taking care of you now and He will continue caring for you! I will keep you in my prayers!