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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by readalot, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I just finshed the second week on the new job. It is going well as far as the job. But I have been having pains in my back from sitting. I do get up and move around. I can hardly get through the day because of the pain. I work three days a week. Pray that it will get better. I am still waiting on SS, it may be awhile before hearing from them.

    The second request is that I was getting paid once a week on the last job. I got my last check last Monday. It is nearly gone. I don't get paid from the new job until the 8th of Sept. I will be getting paid 2 times a month. Pray that some how I get through this. I have been doing my best, but it looks bleak. I am feeling more depressed because of this.

    I am off for 4 days, I hope to work on my writing. I need to start keeping a journel again. My counselor suggested me to do that during and after the sessions. I did for quite a while, but stopped. I need to do it again. Get the feelings out.

    I hope that things will be better for you all. I have been praying for as many requests that I remember or wrote down. But mainly I keep the board in prayer in general.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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    Dear Lord, you know Readalot's financial situation. I ask that you make what money she has stretch beyond belief and that she would be blessed by unexpected sources.

    Give her the strength that she needs to face each workday. And let the days she has off be a time of rest and recuperation, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

    Intercede on her behalf at SS to speed up her claim.

    I pray in Jesus' name,
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    Hi Della and Dixie,

    Thankyou for your prayers. I also thank the others who have been praying for me. The prayers are touching, it almost made me cry. I pray that the Lord will see me through this soon.

    I have been feeling better today. I am off. I had to deep vacuum my bedroom today. I still have to finish it. I had to take alot of breaks during it. It was getting so dusty. The whole place is like that. I have to get it done gradually. We are having sunshine after all the rain we got. I didn't have to water for awhile. I have to do that even after working.

    Thanks again for praying for me. I hope and pray that your days will be better. I am going to post another song when I get done here. Then I have to get that bedroom finished. I hope you enjoy the song (words)

    May the Lord bless you, and keep you each day.

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    Having a clean house makes a person feel better. I used to keep mine up when I was younger, and before arthritis days. I would clean other peoples houses and then come home and clean mine. Yes, it is hard to adjust to not being able to do things like we used to. It was hard when I would clean the elders homes in my last job, and they would go on how it is hard on them, then at the end thank me for cleaning theirs. That was hard on me. If I brought up that it is hard for me to keep up on mine, the usual response, Well after working all day, you want to relax and not to clean. Yea, trying to relax when I see what needs to be done. Thank God I am out of that job.

    I am getting along OK with the people at work. Everyone who works there has some kind of disability. Many of them are developmentally disabled. So it is a challenge to learn to work with them, and be around them, They are people whom God created, and they are doing their best to live in this world, even how hard it is. They do the best with the ability they have. We work at tables, and together. It has been a new experience for me. I have a hard time talking to others, I have been gradually talking to others. I have a trust problem with people. Been hurt too many times. I had worked on a one to one basis for so long, so it is new to be around alot of people.

    In God we trust