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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by MamaR, May 10, 2006.

  1. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    I am MAINLY asking prayer for my husband today. He had two places removed from his arms by the dermatologist yesterday. He has had many precancerous lesions in the I am asking God to take care of him!

    I also had a sample of tissue removed from my forehead. I was in a lot of pain last night from it. It is a small I felt bad complaining. But it still burns SO bad! It is just like ants are biting me. I don't know if it is because I have this sensory nerve damage...and that is making it so bad. The doc didn't even give me anything to take for pain. I guess that he thought a normal person wouldn't feel such pain.

    Thank you dear friends!

  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Sounds painful!

    Will pray for your husband, and you today.

    May the peace of the Lord keep you!
  3. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well pray for you and your husband. we"re going thru some hard times also ,they think my husband may have had a stroke will know more after Sat .
    prayers and hugs Sixtyslady
  4. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Well, it is Thursday and has been 48 hours since the biopsies were taken.
    I haven't heard anything from the doctor, so I am thanking God by faith that all is well for my hubby's biopsy results...and mine. But, I am more concerned about him because has had spots removed that was cancerous before.

    I am in less pain from the area. Thank God for that also.

    I hope that you all are having a better day today.

    I was over on Fibro Board and posted to Sixtyslady about her hubby. I pray that you can get his doctor to help you with needed tests through insurance company.

  5. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Prayers for your family. Thinking of you all and that God rain on you with his blessing of Peace. De
  6. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    So glad to hear from you. I just came here to see how you were doing, if the pain had let up; And Dr.'s report in.

    Catch a breather, and hope you find something to enjoy, to rest up!

    Love, Judy
  7. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    No news yet...I guess that is good.
    God bless you dear ladies here. You all are that little ray of light when one is down.

    I am wishing you a blessed, peaceful,& restful night.

    Love you all...Mari