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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by bandwoman, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. bandwoman

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    This is for Manager(Nancy). I hope you don't mind me doing this Nancy. Manager has had some huge dissappointments recently and she needs some sisters in Christ to come along side her and lift her up now. We all are in need of this from time to time and as some are strong at times then they can help carry those who are down. When they get back up then they can carry those who need it. That is what the church is all about and yes, we are a church here. Please pray that God will encourage her heart today and that He sends some miracles her way too in the form of tangible relief from her problems. Thanks everyone. My cat is still not 100% but holding her own right now. I will try to post a pic of her this weekend if I can have a few minutes of spare time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  2. pepper

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    in lifting Manager up to the Lord.

    May God be with her and hear our prayers.
  3. Asatrump

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    Nancy, you are a good friend and human to ask prayers for our sister in prayer. I pray that all things in her life will improve and that she feel stronger. I wish I could reach out through the computer screen and put a hand on her shoulder showing compassion and encouragement.
  4. 143alan

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    Thanks for your prayers everyone. Things are looking a little better minute-by-minute.

    Bandwoman(Nancy) I hope your cat is doing better too and I will continue to pray for her.

  5. caffey

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    Father could You please come and give Nancy peace in the midst of the storms of her life. Please calm the waves. Please help her to feel Your prescence. Please bring order out of the chaos of her situation right now. Please Father provide a breakthrough for her in such a way that she will know that You alone have done this for her. Please remind her that You are holding her hand and that she will not fall. Please halp to remember that she is not alone that You are right beside her and that there are others here who are supporting her. Thank you for what You are doing in this situation and that it will be resolved soon. In Jesus Name Amen.

    Sending you a (((((( ))))) gentle hug today. Can I be one of Job's friends today and just sit beside you and grieve with you?
  6. 143alan

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    I just read your post and I thank you so much for being there for me and for your prayers. You and the others have been so nice.

    Praise God things are improving and I do have an improved prospective on things. I also pray that I will remember to ask God how to handle each battle of my day because they all can't be handled the same way.

    This is a hard season for me and as hard as I fight to not let it bother me, memories sneak in and destroy my best laid plans to ignore them.

    Thank you for sitting with me and praying for me and if you get a chance and think about it continue to pray for me for a while. There's some bumpy roads ahead.
    Big hugs for you