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    This is not anything like a loved one facing surgery, etc. And I currently have a job. However, the stress of my current position causes many flare-ups and I have to make a decision about either leaving or going part-time, if I cannot get a more fibro-friendly position.

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    Hi all,

    I have yet another interview for a promotion at the agency that I work for. This will be my 4th attempt, in a year, for a promotion. Not only is this position more money, but I think it would better suit my personality and condition. I would have a private office, but no staff. I would only have to see people that I am scheduled to see (no walk-ins off of the street), and as long as I would see so many people per week, I could basically make my own schedule. The biggest advantage is no caseload! Once I would make an order (as a Hearing Officer), if the Obligor doesn't comply, it wouldn't be my headache! d

    Please pray or send your good vibes my way. I truly need them. I'm not one of the mindless drones on my job, who get easily promoted. However, the powers that be keep granting me interviews. I'm hoping and praying that I will be blessed with a position that better suits me (some more money won't hurt either). I've been on the job for 7 years and they promoted someone as a Supervisor who had only been there for 3 years. I can understand how God wouldn't want me to endure the stress of being a Supervisor, with a staff of about 15 people under me. But I can see so many good things about being a Hearing Officer.

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    Surely dear I would be glad to offer prayers on your behalf. Sounds like some big decisions, and I ask God to guide you and send you on the path that will ultimately the best road for you.

    How about a hug too? (((((((Tonia))))))))
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    My prayers go to our loving Father who knows your needs and I ask Jesus to go to Him with a special request for you.

    I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts as the time goes by. Please remember that we are praying for you and when two or more are gathered together ...... So I guess that also means when two or more computers are gathered together, then there Jesus is !!!!!!!!!

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    I guess I should've said that in my post, or in my heading.

    I feel that I did better this time, out of all of the ones I've had over the past year. Plus, this time I sent a thank you email to the interviewers.

    I've just got to leave it in God's hands. He knows what I need, financially and as far as my illness. I've got to trust that He will place me in a position where I can support myself and my children plus not exacerbate my symptoms with high stress.

    Thanks for the prayers and support.