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    Dear Friends,

    I have been gone for two weeks on a special tragic case. A sixteen year old boy, Tyler B., was hit by a powerline that carried between 85,000 and 100,000 volts. Over the last two weeks, he has lost his entire left arm, and his right hand up to four inches below the elbow. His great toe on the right foot had to be removed as well. His entire left side of his trunk received third degree burns. In the last two weeks he has had eight operastions; he has many more skin graft operations to go.

    His parents faith has obviously been greatly tested. This is a Ranching family: Tyler loved riding, roping, working cattle, hunting and fishing. All these things will, to say the least, be challenges in the future.

    He and his family will be headed down to the Texas Medical Center soon for further operations, PT, and fiting of protheses. They should be down there for a least 4-6 weeks.

    I appreciate any prayers on their behalf, and also for me as I minister to them.

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    My prayers for Tyler and for you. I hope youth is on the side with this young man, and that somehow he can make adjustments in his future. Such a tragedy. I am sure he is not yet ready to hear of the success some amputees have had, like Ronan Tynon the Irish Tenor lost a leg and became a champion equestrian, he is also an MD plus a singer.

    I promise to think of Tyler often this coming week, maybe you would consider putting him on the weekly prayer chain, and updating us weekly.
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    You have my sincere, intercessory prayer for Tyler, his family and you as you mininster to his family in such a tragic situation.

    I will hold Tyler up daily in prayer. Our Lord spared his life for a purpose, all that voltage would have killed anyone else, the Lord saved his life for a purpose, even though he is so badly damaged in body.

    It reminds me of the girl that was paralized, and learned to write with a pen in her mouth, her name excapes me right now. I read her book years ago, its somewhere on my bookshelves.

    God give you the wisdom, and understanding to minister to his family during their terrible time of sorrow.

    YOu have my prayers.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    How is Tyler and his family doing? I have been waiting for an update on his condition?

    I keep him and his family in my daily devotions, along with your ministering to this family with such a tragedy in their lives with their young son.

    Thank you for the wonderful poem,'When it Rains it Pours' I sent it to my friend who is legally blind, but has enough sight, and a special computer to read. She is a lover of poetry, and writes some lovely pieces herself.

    God's many blessings to you and your wonderful family.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks for asking, I apologize for not posting an update sooner - been a little busy.
    Thursday, the 21st, Tyler had a five hour surgery. The Doctor took some more dead tissue from his left arm (he has about four inches left from his left shoulder.) We hope that is all that will have to be taken, he needs every bit of it. His right arm looks good (he has about four inches of forearm from his elbow). The Doctor prepared his right foot for the big surgery coming on Saturday, the 23rd.
    Saturday, the 23rd, Tyler went into his eighth surgery in three weeks. They took him at 0730 and started working on him at 0900. They finished eight hours later! The challenge was this: they had to take about a 3"by4" skin graft with good fatty tissue from under his right shoulder blade, and apply it to his right foot where he was missing a good deal of fleshy meat. The Doctor called us at 1500 (3:00pm) and told us that he was having to take his time connecting all the endings and especially the vein that was in his skin graft with the artery in his foot. Since the vein was smaller than his artery, this was particularly tedious.
    By 1730 (5:30pm) Tyler was in the recovery room and doing very well. The Doctor said that all the connections looked very good. He was very hopeful. We were told that the test before Tyler now was the sitting still for "three weeks" - he can't put any weight on that foot - must give it time to heal.
    Please pray for him that he might have the patience and peace of Job to get through these next three weeks. If all goes well and he gets healed up from the surgery, then they will fly him to Houston to the Texas Medical Center to stay for 4-6 weeks there. This will involve PT and the beginning of many 'fittings' he will go through.

    Thank you to all of you who have been praying for Tyler and his parents, Ace and Teresa. They are a ranching family; it has been very difficult for them to stay inside. Friday, Ace and I went back to his ranch and saddled up to gather in some bulls that needed to be shipped. We rode the perimeter to check the storm damage from all the rain we have been having - counted six trees that had been blown down from high winds. It was great to be out in the saddle again and feel the wind in our faces. Though it shifts my FMS into high gear, it lifted our spirits to be out under God's canopy. As we were breathing in the wind, we felt as if we were being filled by His wonderful Spirit. Of course, the next day with the 8 hours of waiting, my body made me pay dearly for the short reprieve in the saddle the day before.
    On a personal note, I would appreciate your prayers for me on Monday (this day - since I am writing this at 0452). My wife, Sunshine, is driving me to the VA Hospital in Muskogee, OK where they will be doing an EMG on me. Through other tests they have confirmed I have suffered more nerve damage; I am experiencing a significant increase in abdominal pain. They want to see if they can find the cause of it. I appreciate your prayers.

    Love to all of you - Friends.

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    You are always in my daily prayers, and since you brought Tyler here for prayer, he and his family are in constant prayer here as well.

    I am happy to hear this young man is so strong to withstand all that he is going through, he is a miracle in himself.

    I know the Lord is with all of you, at all times. He never leaves us or takes His eyes off of us, no matter what is going on. Sometimes its very difficult to understand how these things happen to good people, but we know He has a reason for everything under the sun.

    I am thrilled to hear you got to ride a good horse, I have not been able to ride in a longtime. I was raised partly on a dairy farm, and we had horses as well to round up the cows:).... I am a true animal lover.

    Yes, it is such a wonderful free feeling to be on a mount with the wind in your face and your hair flying in the wind, then to look up and know that the Lord is on His Throne and looking down at us!

    I also love to ride motorcycles, my son has a Harley, and has promised to take me for a ride, but everytime I get to his home it always rains, and he is afaid of my getting hurt or sick, but of course I wouldn't, but to keep him happy will wait till a sunny day. That also is a wonderful feeling, almost as riding a horse! That wondeful free feeling..........

    My daughter is a great horse lover, this is the first time since she was 14 years old that she does not have one. When we ride out here, we will stop at stangers ranges and get out and pet their hourses :). No, the do not complain, they will invite you in their homes, and also ask if you would like to ride.

    Will continue to keep Tyler, his family, and you and your health issues in my prayers, be assured of that.

    Take care of yourself, and you can return the favor by keeping me in your prayers.............

    God's many blessings to you and yours my dear friend.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Dear Friends,

    It feels like it has been a hundred years since I have 'talked' with you last. I travel 125 miles (round-trip) to be with Tyler and his family from about 1800 (6pm) to 2100 (9pm) each and every day. In that span of time I am able to minister to the family. The Lord continues to show Himself strong during those hours. Your prayers for me are helping me stay available to Him; each question that is asked of me is answered through the Holy Scripture the Lord brings to my mind.
    In essence, it a time of study in His Word in order to secure His mind on whatever the subject may be. God, the Holy Spirit, never fails to bring to my mind what His mind (the Holy Scriptures)is as it relates to the subject at hand. Jesus is sufficient! How glorious that is to a child of the King!
    Words fail me to express to you the strength and security the Lord provides through feeding us from His Holy Word.

    NKJ Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

    The Lord is teaching us to "delight" in Him - not in what we gain from Him, not in His miracles, not in His attributes, not even in answered prayers! But to delight in Him - for Himself - this is true "joy." And when our Lord sees our delight "in Him", He loves to fill the desires of our hearts. There is a beautiful parallel of this delight in another passage of Scripture:

    Psalm 51:16-17
    16 "For You do not desire sacrifice, or else I would give it; You do not delight in burnt offering.
    17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart -- These, O God, You will not despise."

    Sacrifices of a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart - these are the sacrifices to God that He will not despise! These are the sacrifices our Lord "delights" in!It is when we reach the end of ourselves, our strength is no more, and our courage is depleted - it is in our "nothingness" we cry out to God, and we are heard!

    How else can you explain a 17 year old boy being able to "laugh" with delight as he contemplates being used by the Lord to further His Kingdom work?! There is no other explanation. Secular 'head-shrinks' would either label Tyler as extremely secure in his faith, or utterly insane in the head! And since most of us know what most doctors would say, Tyler would be labeled as a boy who has flipped his lid! How else can you explain the tremendous peace the boy has in the face of such a great physical loss.

    Day before yesterday, Tyler experienced a major victory! What was it? With the stump of his right forearm, Tyler was able to touch his nose! That's right, his nose! It has taken him two weeks of PT to finally stretch his muscles enough so that he could 'touch' his nose. It was a major victory, he laughed and cried - all at the same time.

    More later, my friends. I must go for now.

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    Dear Friends,

    This morning at 10am Tyler will be operated on for the ninth time. More skin grafts on his left arm stump - he has four inches left on his left arm.
    The Doctor will also be taking off dead tissue from his right foot and looking for any of the skin graft that hopefully has attached itself to his right foot. If none has attached, the Doctor will operate on him later and take a skin graft off his stomach and apply it to the right foot. Prayerfully this will attach itself to his right foot.
    Tyler presently has a urinary tract infection; he also has a staph infection on his left leg where so many grafts have been taken. Please pray for healing in his body.
    He has a great attitude and his spirit is high. I have been meeting with him daily from 6pm to 9pm for Bible Study and prayer. As a result, he and his parents have been growing deeply in the Word of God and the power of His Presence. Praise the Lord for this!
    Love to all of you. And thank you for your continued prayers for both the Bowman family and myself.


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    Dear Friends,

    It has been a hard day. The surgery started at 10am but it was over by 12:30pm. Yes, you guessed it: the Doctor found that the large graft on the foot had been rejected in total! A bitter disappointment to say the least. Apart from another skin graft on the left arm (the four inches he has), nothing else was done. The skin graft that was used on the left arm section was taken from the left side of his stomach just under the ribs.

    Another surgery will be scheduled in the near future; this surgery will involve taking a large graft from his stomach area and applying it to his right foot. The Doctor will attempt to find a section that has multiple veins so that the section will have a better than good shot at being accepted by the right foot. We need to be praying that the Doctor will be led to find a good graft that will take.
    Continue to pray that Tyler's body will be totally healed of the two infections he has. His body is responding well to the antibiotics for these two infections.

    Tyler has a great deal of pain in the arm and shoulder at this point. Pray that the skin graft will be accepted by his left arm. At the sight where the skin graft was taken a gauze cover has been stapled to his body. Along with the red areas where other grafts have been accepted by his body, he looks like a veteran warrior who carries with him the scars of many battles.
    Tyler has a matter-of-fact look on his face, as he grimly accepts this latest setback. He acknowledges the pain, yet, incredibly, he does not whine or cry. I sense no bitterness in this young man. Where other young people (or men) would understandably complain, Tyler simply says, "Well, Pastor, we accept what we don't understand and we move on. Right?" My heart wells up with great admiration for this young man of God as I reply, "That's right, Tyler, we accept from God what we don't understand and trust He knows what is best for us."

    This incredible attitude Tyler has is reflective of a statement right out of the Word of God:

    1 Peter 4:19 19 "Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls to Him in doing good, as to a faithful Creator."

    The word "commit" is a translation of a word that means "entrust, have faith in, believe on". It is a mature man of God who takes setbacks like what Tyler has experienced and uses it as an opportunity to deepen his faith in a Sovereign God Who loves him and knows what is best for him. He lies there in bed and stands up in his faith in an infinite God Who is working in his life in a way that Tyler's finite mind is unable to understand. He reacts, not in his humanity with bitterness but rather he humbly accepts by grace the providence of God in his life.

    This is a mark of a true man of God. To accept from God what he does not understand with his mind is an act of maturity on the part of Tyler that goes way beyond his 17 years of living. I praise God for the grace He has given Tyler to meet the challenge of the moment. It is true, God knows what is best for us. And it is also true that the Lord will never give more to him than what - with God's grace - Tyler will be able to receive. While his humanity rejects a skin graft that is insufficient, Tyler's spirit, by faith, accepts the challenge and is victorious in the battle!

    It is like Tyler is challenging each of us to do the same! Let us all accept his challenge and grow in faith as a result. Let there be victory for all! Satan will not gain anything from this; he has failed - again!!!

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    We have a great deal to share with you that can be listed under the heading of Praises to God, through our Lord Jesus Christ! Here is the list:

    1. The apartment in which the Bowman family has been staying became available to them for a second time! The Bowman's were 7th on a waiting list; their time was coming to an end. They had made it a matter of prayer and were taking the necessary steps in preparation to move out. Then the phone rang and Ace answered it. He was silent for a moment, then I heard him begin to say, "Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!" Divine intervention had occurred for a second time, the apartment had become available to them for another two weeks! Isn't the Lord neat?!

    2. Tyler has NO urinary tract infection! Praise the Lord!

    3. Tyler has NO staphylococcal infection in the left leg! Praise the Lord!

    4. When the skin graft (which had not taken) was removed, a large pus pocket was discovered beneath it! This was removed, cleaned out and antibiotics were given to assist in the healing. Praise the Lord!

    How about that for a great list of "Praises to God?!"

    Now, there is some clarifications that need to be made so that everybody is on the same page, and that we all "know" for what we are praying. Please note the following:

    1. Tyler "is" walking about 70 yards from bed to tank and back, but it is "NO" cakewalk! Please forgive us for any confusion we may have inadvertently caused. It "is" painful, and he is "walking" after a sort, and with much assistance. The purpose of this painful walk is to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the feet and legs. Each day he will make this "walk" in preparation for the surgery that is coming next Monday morning (the 9th of July).

    2. All stitches are out.

    3. Tyler is eating better, but he could still use more weight!

    4. Concerning the surgery: On July 9 - Monday at 0730 (7:30am), Tyler goes in for his tenth surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to attach "tissue" to the needed area of his right foot. Apparently, the Doctor is going to take the tissue from the middle of Tyler's stomach - the soft area between the "six-pack" of muscle that Tyler has built. From just below the sternum (the chest bone that connects his rib cage) to about six to eight inches in length, good tissue with multiple veins will be taken. Though this will be painful for Tyler, this area is the richest area of tissue with respect to veins. The Doctor doesn't want to have to do this operation a third time - we don't want him to have to do it again, either!
    Once the tissue is well established, another surgery will be performed for a "skin graft" to be applied "on top of the muscle tissue."
    After the surgery on Monday, Tyler will be flat on his back for at least a week followed by two weeks of non-bearing and elevated care.
    When I asked Ace how he and Teresa were doing, Ace replied: "Through faith, family and friends we are getting through this."

    More later...

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    Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for your prayers concerning Tyler Bowman and his family. Monday, the 16th, Tyler had surgery on his right arm. A one inch piece of his bone had to be removed so as the arm could have proper flap closure. The surgery was accomplished in about 4 hours. Everything went well. His right foot continues to progress well, as the muscle tissue and skin graft are healing well and adapting to the foot.
    Tyler had 53 staples removed from his "zipper" - this is what he called the stomach incision where the doctor had taken the muscle tissue graft. It is healing well.
    Two more weeks of careful watching and prayerful healing; if all goes well, Tyler and family will be soon be leaving for Houston for second phase (4-6 wks) of PT and fittings.
    Again, thank you all for your continued prayers.