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    Me and my husband and kids need your prayers as we try to bring our family back together. We moved away from my husbands family a couple years back and it broke their hearts. We have since moved back and have not been in contact with any of the family until these past few weeks. We have been back though a little over a year and spoke maybe twice in this time prior to these past few weeks.

    They want to get past the pain we caused them and want family back together but they don't know what or where to start. They are afraid if they get close to us again we will leave again and thats not so. Me and my husband went through some hard times and separated a few months and they never knew most of this so we left and realized we messed up but we were not trying to hurt anyone. My husband has been trying to talk to his Dad and he is suppose to call his dad back tonight to talk a little more to see if they can come to maybe an agreement of how to handle this.

    Please pray to touch my father-inlaws heart and see we love them and need them in our lives. We have three children and they haven't been around their grandparents since we moved away two years ago. We all miss them and need them.

    Thank you all
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    Thanks for understanding but I have to take some ownership in their frustration because they both see me as the one that moved us away in the first place which would be true.

    I agree with you though that they should be so thrilled we have been back over a year and what makes it so unbearable is that on Grandparents day our baby girl spotted her grandfather and went to his table (he was sitting with his step-granddaughter, his dad is remarried to a sweet lady) and sat down with himat school. She is 7. He had said previously she didn't even remember him but he seen on this occasion she knew who he was and he said he was proud of her.

    She needs her grandparents and where I know I have to take ownership is that up until a few weeks ago they never knew of my fibromyalgia. We would visit and I couldn't stand to stay long because I would get to hurting or get so restless I needed to go for a while. I originally moved up from NC. They got their feelings hurt that I didn't want to be around them. My husband feels bad he didn't tell them either but now they know and yes I want family back so I am hoping things will work out for us all. Anyhow thanks for listening.

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    I think Tiggy said it very well and that it's time to be honest about everything. The honesty will help to overcome the wounds. Best wishes and hugs.