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    My grandmother will be 83 in a few months. She has Alzheimer's and she fell Friday night breaking her hip, fracturing her pelvis and pubic bone. She needs surgery to put a plate and screws in place. Please pray that she will have a capable surgeon and she will make it through the surgery and rehabilitation well.
    I love her so much! (She was scheduled for surgery this morning but when she found out the surgeon was one that botched reattaching her nearly severed hand years ago she asked to postpone until another surgeon was found. A wise decision considering all the 'bad' surgeon put her through years ago.) She was my very best friend when I was young and I cannot bear the thought of her being in pain.

    Thank you for your prayers and support!


    P.S. Her name is Nettie
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    Dear Lord ,

    Please be with Nettie and her granddaughter Stacey during this painful time . Please send a capable surgeon who will take care and who has real skill in repairing these breaks . Let Nettie remain as aware as possible and keep her at peace and know that You are with her. Also be with Stacey who loves her grandmother very much and let her know that You are watching over both of them.

    In Jesus Name,
    Amen and Amen

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    I also loved my grandmother dearly. I have the best memories from when I was with her.
    My husband's mother has had two hip replacements, and has done very well, also in her 80's. I will be praying that she will have an excellent and caring surgeon to do her surgery. It really does make a difference when they care, no matter the age of the person. My husband's mother is still very capable of carrying on a conversation, and now she gets around better than when she was having hip problems..with a walker, but she goes!
    Prayers, love, Cynthia
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    Prayers for Nettie, her family, the surgeon and staff for this surgery and recovery.
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    Your Grandmother and your family are on our prayer list here at work. I am so sorry for you, I know how much our grandparents are so special to us.

    God Bless.