Prayer Requests for Dec. 3, continued to Dec. 10

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  1. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Please feel welcome to post your prayer requests here.

    Thursday night prayer night has been a tradition where those of us who can, all pray together at the same time.

    In the United States, we start at 11pm Eastern Time, 10pm Central, 9pm Mountain, and 8pm Pacific.

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  2. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    For complete recovery from her surgery, and for emotional healing.

    Blessings to all, Judy
  3. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Prayers for Holly that her surgery goes well, and that she recovers completely.
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    also pls pray for a tiny female stray pup that is malnourished, has mange and a bad leg and distended belly from worms.
    She can be kept at the animal centre for 20 days then has to be returned to streets. because
    of lack of space.

    pls pray she will be adopted. She is black, furry and has the sweetest face. But doesnt play
    yet because she had such a hard life. She is safe till she is at the centre but there is every
    likelihood will be run over if returned to streets.

    Thank you
  5. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Praying for that poor little dog - in hope that she will be adopted. Oh, how I hate to see innocent animals suffer! Will keep praying.

    So glad you brought her to the animal centre - off the streets.

    How are you doing, Spring? Have been wondering if you're okay.

    Love, Judy
  6. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Spring, thank you for all you have done to help this pup and praying she will receive help to get her well and then adopted by a good family to keep her off the streets permanently. Thanks again.
  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    For all on this board, and all who visit, coming with prayer requests, or just visiting by reading posts.

    May God bless and care for each one. Amen.
  8. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I had a lovely woman stop me on my electric scooter to ask if she could help me unloading my cart of groceries into my car. I thanked her so much, but told her no thanks as I was feeling very well that day and could do it on my own. But that I so appreciated her asking me. This is a prayer of thanks for that kind and wonderful woman in offering to help a disabled person, and she properly offers to help many people, and it's people like her that make me feel good and let me know there are good people in this world.
  9. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Will be praying for the little pup that she gets a good home.

    I found one that sounds just like her, in the same condition, plus very bad front legs because of being born to a female in the wooded area out here was crippled from malnourishment, she was four weeks old then.

    I pick her up took her to a vet, he said she would not live more than a year. Well that was nine years ago, and she just died. I named her Ko Ko, which in Native American means 'midnight' she was so black, even her tongue was black.

    If your little girl was here , I would take her for you. Took a little effort with my Ko Ko, but I got her well, and she was beautiful, and a wonderful, sweet pup (I gave her liquid Joint Fuel for those legs, and it kept her walking for all those years)! I sure will be praying for your little pup. I love dogs so much that these things just break my heart! Let us know how the pup makes out.

    Also will pray for all request here. as I always do, even if I am not here.

    Please pray for my depression, my husband is coming home in a week or so and it is very stressful for me.

    All of you are such wonderful Prayer Warriors, I know God does hear your prayers.

    In His Perfect Name,

    Shalom, Shirl


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    BILLCAMO New Member

    For those who asked and for those who didn't.

    If their are some left over prayers , please add some prayers for mine & myself......especially for the one of mine that has been using the "s" word and that I have the strength to help.

    Thanks !

    Blessings ,

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the prayers for the pup, guess what? THEY WORKED!!!

    One of my neighbours a school janitors wife has agreed to take in the little pup. She loves dogs
    to death and has looked after and nurtured a good many doggies. And then others have adopted them which leaves her free to look after one more. Shes not too well to do and i have offered to buy the milk for the pup until the little one gets strong enough to eat proper food. But she was SO happy when i told her there was this little thing that needed a home, she beamed and said "YES, of course! " Although the centre has warned me the little one is not healthy at all and wil need a lot of nurturing, the love and care that she will get will go oh such a long way.

    Again thanks for the support.

    Bill, praying for your child. May healing and blessings be showered on her and you

    Shirl - prayng for your depression to be healed and for everything to go smoothly when your DH comes home, ,may you and yours be blessed with love and peace and harmony

    Two cats -thanks for the prayers; and for posting about that nice lady, love to hear when good things happen

    All the others prayers ongoing

    Judy, I love it when i see your post. Although i havent been coming on too much due to a 'slump' in mood i constantly think about you, Rafiki, Rainbow, Saja, Cate, Cynthia, and all the others

    Im kind of trudging on. How are you? A school friend of my daughters had posted pictures on his photo page and I saw one of his collection of books and it showed one of Mingyur Rinpoches 'Joy of Living'! He said he finds it interesting.

    Right now ive been off reading any books except just comics and some childhood books. Kind of just staying in my cocoon and pretending Im a child again. LOL.

    Well take care all

    god bless

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  12. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I am so, so happy to hear about that little homeless dog finding kindness, and shelter!!! Thank God - she was on my mind and heart, and I know so many were caring and praying for her.

    What terrific news - you did a great job getting her off the streets, to the clinic, and finding a home for her. It's so good thinking of her safe, out of constant danger - being loved!

    Spring - you'll be in my prayers even more. Yes, give yourself all the comforting, nurturing things that you can! I don't know how you keep up with all the family and cultural demands that you do. You should give yourself a lot of credit!!!

    I've been in a physical health slump - haven't been this bad for about 17 years. Basically, all I'm doing is sleeping and eating. Can't stay awake for more than 3 hours - sometimes less.

    The good part is that the therapist (psychologist) that I have is SO understanding, and caring about my CFS. She's the first one - and it gives me a great sense of security, that she will stand by me, and let me seek healing for my CFS.

    Other therapists that I had demanded that I be there every week, or call for a session. There was no time off - and I think I ran myself into the ground - putting 90% of energy into dealing with PTSD.

    So now, I am switching my focus to making Dr. Appts, and resting - researching what will help me.

    I've been missing you too! I came across part of a poem by a former Dalai Lama, and it just reminded me right away of your life struggles and spiritual aims. Then I felt too shy to post it, but will do so as soon as I get some energy.

    Will be sending prayers and loving thoughts for a renewal for you!!!

    Love, Judy.

  13. soulight

    soulight New Member

    First , thank you so much for praying for me. I have needed it greatly.

    I had some problems with infection and when they took the staples (47) out , skin had grown over some of them . Talk about pain ! Plus bad bad flair.

    I so appreciate all who are praying and keep up with it. For everyone. Everyone of us is blessed by the people who continue in prayer whether we are here or not. So ...THANK YOU SO MUCH !

    I too am so glad that little dog was touched by the prayers here. God tells us that the animals are in our care and to me that is so precious.

    New prayer , please :
    I am having trouble with my blood sugars going too low . Woke up one night with a 30 . Thank you God , for waking me ! Migraines are worse. Had 6 on one day and was taken to the emergency room . They thought I was having a stroke.

    My daughter and I are both in emotional and spiritual turmoil for many reasons. Hormones , boy/men troubles ( she has her first boyfriend and she is his first girlfriend and they have no clue whether one really likes the other and vice-a-versa , oh young love : o ) I have desire to get married one day again , but have realized that I have at least 2 years to get rid of my baggage before I even date.

    Anyway , my daughter and I are both going to therapy. Yes , one of my surgeons' mother is a therapist . She told me they were experimenting with a new program and that I could go to her at no cost , but I think it is a angel surgeon who is paying ! Praise God!

    I hope you all are doing well and in minimal pain. I am sorry for not posting the prayer on Thursday thing.

    In His Grace and Love,

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Holly - praying for you and your daughter, may all be well health wise and in your lives.

    Judy - sorry to hear of the slump in your physical health; Im puzzled because it seems
    all the truly wonderful people i know are going thru such difficulties in their health; i
    think about it and feel sure there must be some purpose to it all. I am convinced of it.

    About the poem pls post when you feel you are able to.

    Im still struggling, let us see how long it takes to get me out of this one, lol! As is
    always the case, my intense feelings of depression is making me more introspective.
    Why has this happened, what is the cause, what can i do. What is beyond. What should
    people, sentient beings do, to be free forever of suffering. If i could
    ask questions of a Higher Power, what reply would i get to these questions.

    Praying for all of us who have asked for prayer and have not

    God Bless