Prayer Requests - Thursday, Feb. 11

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    Please feel welcome everyone to post your prayer requests here.

    Thursday prayer night has been a tradition, when those of us who can all pray together at the same time.

    In the United States, we start at 11:00pm Eastern Time; 10:pm Central, 9pm Mountain; and 8pm Pacific.

    But most of us pray whenever we have the strength.

    God Bless each and every person's needs; and great thankfulness for all who care, and pray for these needs.

    I feel like we are a family here!

    Love, Judy
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  2. windblade

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    Please catch up with the last posts on page 4 of the last prayer request thread.
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    Thinking of you, and praying for you. I feel so grieved and saddened that you are not able to eat much - that your appetite is gone. I know from experience how hard it is to even think clearly also when you are in deep depression.

    Just checking if you've tried every anti-depressant, and supplements like St. John's Worts, or even Sam-e can help with depression, if you are able to take it - with other medical conditions.

    You are in the Lord's hands - he loves you without limit. And He has all wisdom. I am just going to keep claiming the truth of who he is - and who he is for you. I know your faith, trust and love for God are so great.

    I'm there with you in prayer, as others are here!

    I've lived on the edge of survival for most of my life - with terrible depression, severe anxiety disorder, emotional pain and flashback states. Some genetic, and most from child-abuse.

    I see that God has still done great things in my life. Not as the world sees. But drawing me ever-closer in my knowing of him.

    I hate suffering - for others, and myself. I can just say for myself that I believe that God is faithfully doing his pruning, and purifying work in me. By his grace, love and mercy - he is removing obstacles to complete union with him.

    Will be walking with you - through this suffering - relying completely on God's goodness.

    Love, Judy
  4. springwater

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    Rainbow - love to see your posts and know how the chick brigade is getting on, :)

    Judy - what an immensely beautiful post; your faith is sweet and good

    Shirl - praying for you that the dark edge of depression is blunted and you can see
    light amidst the darkness again

    Holly - praying for you to heal from all your medical issues and for you to be blessed with
    strength to come thru it all

    Bill C - for you and your daughter

    Two Cats - for your father

    for all who are sick and suffering in spirit mind and body; let healing love and light be on and within us all

    god bless
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    Prayers for everyone to help them during this time.

    Prayers for my friend Jean in the local disabled group who is terminal and has been told she has a few months to live. She's being strong and has gone through all her things in her home and has her estate in order. I ask God to continue to guide her and give her strength to help her through.

    Prayers of thanks that my case where the place where I live has discriminated against me being disabled and with service animals is now being sent to the state attorney general's office. It means more paperwork to be completed, but with each step I hope it brings me closer to the place where I live learning that they have to stop discrimination. I ask for the strength and guidance to keep going through the stress of all this.

    Prayers of thanks when I parked and ate lunch the other day and listened as some birds sang so wonderfully. Hearing them was just soothing and I think they must be filled with heaven's sound.
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