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    For You. . . .

    You are the one who makes things flow.
    You are the one who is true.
    You are the one who settles my soul
    as the sky turns to night from blue.

    The night sky isn't a bad thing though.
    In fact, it's glorious to me.
    For the stars and the moon and the glories above
    are best when together we see.

    You show me rainbows.
    You show me waves that lap upon the sand.
    You know my heart, my mind, my soul
    for you hold them in your hand.

    There is none other like you,
    now , then, nor again will be.
    For only you know me out and in
    when bound to you, then I am free.

    Thank you for being so patient my Lord.
    For you are the one I've always adored.
    At times, I've closed the door on your grace
    But you just waited for the next embrace.

    Some think that love is just earthly bound.
    Others think of only physical grounds.
    So when they see something different in me
    they just can't believe that my love is for Thee.

    The words might seem empty and easy to say
    As the conduct - not words will "prove" my way.
    But You have shown me I have nothing to prove
    And EASY has not been the path following you.

    I didn't want to come here again
    For I had shared the words You feed.
    I'm here once again filled with dread
    Trying - Your call to heed.

    Their words, their taunts, the gossip they share
    is like a sharp blow to me now.
    To see how they bicker and gather and fight
    Can't this pass through another somehow??

    The struggle to do right - the struggle for me
    Is not at all what they have thought.
    For you are the light and the peace that I need
    But you won't let me sit still and sing like a lark.

    The struggle is getting to what You have called -
    No matter the internal pain that it brings.
    But knowing the ripples that posting will install
    I cringe as I go there today.

    It would have been easier if I could drive
    for Internet now I'd not have.
    One more delay in cutting these ties -
    Is it man's free will or Yours that has won?

    I am the vessel and You are the one
    that I HAVE to and will listen to.
    You're in my heart - there's no more little spark
    You guide what my body MUST do.

    The times when I snapped back and showed I was mad
    were times that I sometimes wish I never had -
    but anger has a place and a time to be revealed -
    especially after no other way appealed.

    I'll close my eyes and try not to spy
    until with this post You are through.
    I'm not a saint or in self-righteous disguise
    but a sinner who fell in love with you.

    No suffering, sickness or cutting words
    Will let now stop your commission for me.
    When fingers can't type or head hits the floor
    You'll find a way to get through.

    Your door I've entered once and for all
    As you help me through my stumbles and falls.
    For the paradox now that Opened My Eyes
    Is in pain You still need us to abide.

    I pray that others Your truth can see
    As each deal with their own "dis-ease".
    But that's not my job as you've clearly shown me.
    Mine's just to post and to leave.

    When Your words that you pour through these hands
    Reach the one(s) that are supposed to know;
    I'll be right here if you want me to be -
    Where you send me, I'll try to go.

    As for all of the secrets that you - who know who you are - have tried to cover - I pray - really hard that one day - when you get over all of this and have had enough of taking over my e-mail, getting every file from my computer, bugging my bedroom and my most personal moments - I pray that the peace of God will still lift me up for I WILL need that shield and helmet of which you poke fun.


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    Your email name or whatever we call it was new to me. You definately know how to use words and use them effectively and I could easily relate to much of what you posted.

    If I know anything about that latter part it is eluding me as I try to think if I would have offended and can honestly say, if I did, it was out of ignorance or ambiguous wording. However, if I was one who offended, my sincere apology goes to you.

    I prefer to re-read the portion of your work prior to the personal section. Very, very good.
    And, for the record, I do believe when we cross the veil and all things are ultimately made known, we will undoubtedly love and understand our brothers and sisters. Love CactusLil'