Prayer: "The Depths of Fear"

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    It has been asked of me to post this for the benefit of the whole Board. I initially found grace to pray this prayer with regard to a Sister in Christ who is riding this "Stead of Fear."

    It is my prayer that this "prayer" might give voice to the many who are unable to either speak this prayer or to sing this song of the soul.

    In the Master's service,

    PoimaePrayer: "The Depths of Fear" 05/26/07 10:31 AM

    The Depths of Fear
    By Creth D Hopkins

    Lord Jesus,

    Fear reigns in my soul,
    Like a tyrant over an unwilling land.
    Its flag of defeat flies over my heart
    As if to say,
    “I own thee, thou art mine,
    and in thee,
    there is no tomorrow!”

    Lord Jesus,

    Help me to know
    That Satan’s truths are
    Nothing but hellish lies;
    That Fear on the throne is
    But faith yet exercised;
    That the depths of despair
    Are but the shallows of greater Faith.

    Lord Jesus,

    May the power of Thy Word
    Break the strength of fear’s grip;
    By Thy strength I shall ride this stead.
    It shall not carry me
    Into the Canyon of Despair,
    But I shall ride into the Pastures
    Of Thy very Presence.

    Lord Jesus,

    Take fear’s curse
    And make it Heaven’s blessing;
    Break the chains of fear.
    Release me from
    The prison of depression,
    And I shall sing unto Thee
    Soul’s freedom song.

    - 2007

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    I have lived with this fear, I have never heard anyone put it in words like you.

    I do know our Lord has told us many times; 'Fear Not', I am with you always...................

    I was interrupted by a phone call while writing this post, and the call was actually an answer to prayer...........

    God's blessings to you as always......

    Shalom, Shirl