Prayer Thread for 10/-08 and 10/-`15

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    I'm not sure if any prayer threads have been up . I have had a couple snags in the plan : minor surgery , then my computer decided to die . So , I am using my daughters computer to post this. I am so sorry for not keeping up with this. Surprisingly , it isn't because of my memory challenges that I haven't posted !
    - Holly

    You can post prayer requests here for Thursday Prayer Night, a tradition when those of us who can, all pray together in our own homes for the requests.

    In the United States, we start at 11 PM Eastern Time, 10 PM Central, 9 PM Mountain, and 8 PM Pacific.

    (I can't pray at the set time, I pray as the requests come in.)

    A new thread will be posted every Friday.( unless Holly posts it and then who knows ? ; o )

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    Prayers for Holly that she recover from her surgery and a prayer of thanks that she prepared the Prayer Thread for us.

    Prayers for all on this Board that they may receive guidance and help through times of suffering, through depression, through medical problems, through loss of loved ones, through these economic times and to help lift their burdens.

    Prayers for all people that they may know peace in their lives, that their illnesses may improve and they may all have shelter, food and all that want jobs will have them. That in their time of despair, the light of His love may shine on them to bring comfort.

    Prayers of thanks for the great photos and stories of MCL here on this board. They are wonderful and so inspiring and bring great joy.

    Prayers of thanks for the cool weather we now have and during the day I can open the door and have the screen door. I can hear the birds so much better, the cats like sitting on the quilt in front of the screen door and watching the world (and the birds) go by.

    Prayers of thanks for placing that amazing beautiful flowering bush outside the dentist's window yesterday, I was being worked on and the dentist stopped and asked if I was okay and I told him I was fine and was just looking at the amazing beautiful flowers on that bush at his window. The dentist looked and hadn't noticed the bush outside his window until then and we both just basked in the beautiful flowers. What a fantastic display (and a great time to take my mind off the dentist!!) Sometimes we have to stop and admire the flowers (particularly if with allergies we can't risk smelling them).

    Thanks for the two Gecko lizards in my back patio that I call Lenny and Lenora Lizardo. They scramble up and down my concrete patio walls and I tell them hi when I pass. I haven't taken out a patch of ground cover that is weeds because they like to stay in there (probably for bugs). They have incredible grace and I'm thankful you've shared them with me on my patio.

    Thanks for this beautiful sunshine, for all the birds that make this their home (my cats share in that thanks), and thank you for the hope you bring to so many.
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    Holly - so glad to hear that you're okay! Was just going to give you a shout-out to make sure. So good to have you back - hope your computer will be fixed soon. Thanks for continuing to do this prayer thread.

    TwoCats - your prayer brought me such joy, delight and am praying along with the requests.

    Love, Judy
  4. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers for Sacajawea2 as I know she is ill and I hope she can feel better soon. Prayers of thanks for her thoughtfullness in placing photos of MCL for all of us to see. Those photos have made for many happy moments for me.
  5. windblade

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    Prayer for Holly please. For her computer to be fixed, for whatever health needs she has now, for whatever her struggles are. May God protect and provide for her, gathering her close under His wings.