Prayer Thread for 9/24

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by soulight, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. soulight

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    You can post prayer requests here for Thursday Prayer Night, a tradition when those of us who can, all pray together in our own homes for the requests.

    In the United States, we start at 11 PM Eastern Time, 10 PM Central, 9 PM Mountain, and 8 PM Pacific.

    (I can't pray at the set time, I pray as the requests come in.)

    A new thread will be posted every Friday.( unless Holly posts it and then who knows ? ; O
  2. jole

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    This is not a prayer is a prayer of thanksgiving. My daughter just had a baby girl...her first one by C-section and was fortunate enough to have a doctor who believed she could have this one natural. After a lot of prayers, God in His infinite wisdom and understanding allowed that to happen. Little Laeya Lillian was born this morning just fine...after a very long labor, but no complications!

    Yes, God is good indeed, and those babies are still the greatest miracle of all times. So precious, innocent, loving and trusting....and so perfectly planned and made...

    "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name."
    Psalm 103:1
  3. Shirl

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    What a blessing a new baby is! I am so happy for you and your daughter, yes the Lord is good and so generous with us! So happy to hear all is fine with them both. A very lovely name for that little girl; Laeya Lillian .

    God's many blessings for all of you!

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. windblade

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    What wonderful news! Welcome to the world, Laeya Lillian. What a beautiful name she has. I'm rejoicing with you, Jole, that your daughter is well, and the baby is healthy.

    I love hearing when a baby is born into a family where she will be surrounded with love!

    Praise God indeed!

    Love, Judy
  5. soulight

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    What a wonderful event in your life. This totally fits on the prayer request page (IMHO) because it is a praise ! When we pray in our small group , we always add praises and prayers of thanks . So , I am so glad that you posted this here.

    Thank you God for this wonderful new life !

    Love, Holly
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers for all who are in need, suffering, and feeling at the end, that He provide warmth, love and help to get them by.

    Prayers for all those here, that He keep them safe, to keep them from illness and to help those who may be struggling, ill, suffering or in need, that they may find the a light to their path in life, and feel the warmth of love and guidance from Him.

    I thank Him for Jole's wonderful grandbaby and the great joy this child has brought and ask for His guidance, love, and protection for this child.

    I thank Him for the International Day of Peace and pray that it infects all countries and people to work together for the common good and help all.

    I thank Him for continuing to provide guidance, love and protection to QP on the other board who has lost her beloved boyfriend and her beloved cat nearly passed away too. Thank you for watching over her and wrapping your loving arms around her and guiding her through this.

    I thank Him for the fantastic sunshine, for the birds out there that sing so incredibly it sounds like opera, for the beautiful trees and the many flowering bushes that seem to wave their flowery branches to say hello as I pass by in my electric scooter. What incredible gifts we all have been given, and I thank Him for going that extra by healing my eye from surgery so that I could still see them to fully appreciate them. Amen.
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