Prayer To Our Lady

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    _Prayer To Our Lady

    Mary, Mother of Jesus and of all the
    human family, with great jou we call you
    Blessed. Be close to us always. May no
    day pass without a prayer to you in our
    hearts, and on our lips.

    May you be a mother to usthroughout all
    the years of our lives, ever ready to help
    us. Stay with us mother. Whenever we have
    sickness in the home, it is then we need you
    need you most.

    Should death come to any member of the family
    young or old, then comfort us in our grief
    and wipe away our tears. Mary when we
    close our eyes in death may we find you
    waiting to welcome us at the gates of Heaven

    Amen .


  2. Mikie

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    This is beautiful. My Mother, who passed away two years ago on July 11, used to pray to Our Blessed Mother to watch over me and my children.

    I went to see a psychic and she said, "I see the Blessed Virgin standing behind you." It is heartbreaking to me to think of what it must have been like for her to watch her Son being put to death.

    She has said to pray to her for peace and I do because our world is in such turmoil with hatred and wars.

    Love, Mikie