Prayer To Our Lady

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    I want o share this Prayer with you all.


    Take my hand o Blessed Mother,
    Hold me firmly lest I fall,
    I am nervous when I am walking,
    and on you I humply call.

    Guide me over every crossing,
    Watch me when I am on the stairs,
    Let me know that you're beside me,
    Listen to my fervent prayer.

    Bring me to my destination safely every single day,
    Help me with every undertaking
    as the hours pass away,
    And when evening falls upon us,
    and I fear to be alone,
    Take my hand O Blessed Mother,
    and protect me and my home.

    My Daughter gave me this Prayer a few years back. I say ita lot, especailly when my children were small I prayed to her for guidence as she was the Mother of Jesus and understood. I do not know what I would do without my faith. No matter how bad we feel and how lonely God is always watching over us.

    God Bless,