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    "I believe in prayer. It's the best way
    we have to draw strength from heaven."

    ~~ Josephine Baker ~~

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    Sister Dee: There is a magnificient book, cited in the title above.
    It is not a long book but it offers a unique way of calling upon our whatever name or cause or nationality we call that higher power. It is an LDS publication but good for any righteous person or I would not mention it!

    Any Deseret bookstore would have it. I tell you Sister Dee, Prayer and Fasting is not the only way we can bring faith to action. Remember in the New Testament when the disciples had come to Jesus (He had not yet atoned for us and to show obedience to His father unto death, and the church was not organized until after He became the Christ ((Acts))) and asked why they could not get the demon out of the woman. Our Savior told His disciples sometimes prayer and fasting is not enough. Then the Savior healed the woman.

    In this book we learn more about drawning on the powers of heaven. Love Lil'
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    Thank you, 'Lil for the heads up. I am very interested in finding this book. My favorite store to pick up books, bibles and music is called Berean and I shall look for it there. If I can't find it, I will ask for your assistance again. Blessings, Deena