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    For you, my friends;

    Father, I come this evening to thank you for my family and my many friends. As in this time every year, the changing season also brings many changes to our lives. Thank you Lord for granting us the gift of another changing season.

    This evening I would like to call up the many names of those who are ill, hurting emotionally, those in fear, and those for whom You have entrusted to my life. I will not place these names here as You know who they are. Watch over them, Father. Show them the peace that only Your love can give. Heal them if it is Your will, grant them courage and strength to manage their diseases and their lives. Give them the joy that Your blessings provide. Envelope them into Your mighty hands and lead them to the path of Your desire. Fulfill the promise of Your Holy words.

    I pray these things to You this evening in the name of Your precious Son. Amen.
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