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    Greatgran has a thread regarding her granddaughter and I had posted to Jaminhealth regarding affordable help for my daughter who is an alcoholic. The concern is that she doesn't have insurance, a job or anyway to pay for treatment.

    Her friend/landlord called me yesterday and said that she was ready to go for help, and he would take her since he was there with her, but she wanted me to tell her to go. I call her and she agreed. I met them at WMMHC and she voluntarily admitted herself.

    There was a 2 hour interview where the facility talked with her to decide a course of action. It was late on Friday evening to the alcohol rehab center was closed. She will be staying at WMMHC for 3 days which will start the detox and stop smoking programs. They also started her on depression meds and anxiety medication and pain meds for her broken elbow that hasn't been set. Monday morning, she will be transferred to KCCC for a 21 day program. I pray she doesn't change her mind as it is voluntary committal and she can change her mind.

    The 21 day program will also address her issues that are causing her drinking problems. She finally admitted to me Friday morning that she had been raped about 15 yrs ago. Honestly, I don't know if that is true or not because of her history of lying. But whatever the truth is as to why she feels so bad, she has to resources to address them.

    Thank you to everyone who has followed my stories with this daughter. I love her unconditionally but this is certainly a step in the right direction for her.

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    I am so happy your daughter has decided to go for help.. I do know how heart breaking all this can be and the toll it takes on the family.

    My granddaughter doesn't have any medical insurance and there are no places here that you can go without paying . Even it there were she still denies her problem. She called me yesterday needing a ride, so I go thinking I can talk to her, it was useless.

    Today is the little ones 7th birthday and she wanted to see her mommy so my daughter is allowing her to visit today. So we shall see how it goes. The little one wanted her to spend the night and that will be allowed simlpy because we don't think she will stay because this is Sat. and she has to party on Sat. night. If she leaves tonight then she will probably never be allowed to see them again. If she stays she will have to hit the streets in the morning. Its so hard on the little ones.

    When children are involved it is so much worse.

    How old is your daughter and does she have children? I am so happy she has taken this step, My prayers are with both of you.

    Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

    Prayers and Hugs,
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    I am so happy to hear your daughter is hopefully on her way to a new life! My brother was an alcoholic, and did well with the treatment center he was in, although it wasn't cheap. He unfortunately didn't live but 4 months after his treatment.....but it made his children very proud that he had accomplished this.

    Best wishes to your daughter, and yes, Al-Anon does wonders for families of alcoholics! ***Jole***