Prayers answered, but more needed for others

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CinCA, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Thank you everyone, and the Lord above, for answering my prayers from the past weeks re: a job opportunity for hubby. This is more than just a involves relocation which could be very beneficial for our family and hopefully the start of healing the CFS that has plagued me for years. Well, not only did hubby get an absolutely amazing job offer last week, but they also will pay 100% of our indemnity medical insurance, including give us a nice amount of add'l coverage for copays, etc! Everything so far has fallen into place so nicely, it seems "the stars really are aligned"! I keep pinching myself as it is too good to be true. I only hope it continues so, and this is a turning point after many years of suffering and diminishing hope of recovery.

    That being said, hubby's grandfather passed away after a long illness and very old age (92) last week. The family is "okay" with it as he lived a very full life, but please, Lord, extend a hand of mercy and compassion as the grieving process still continues. Also, hold gently in your palm a friend's friend and her children, who recently lost their daddy in Iraq (he was a Marine). This is a devastating event for them...give them strength, hope, support, and show them your love during these dark times.

    Please also hear the prayers of all other posters on this board, and thank you so much, Lord, for answering mine so far. I am so grateful for your mercy and hope these changes in my life allow me and my family to better serve you.
  2. CinCA

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    Sorry...meant to be part of the prayer request. Thank you all for your help!

    "new to board" C. (CFS)

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