prayers are false

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  1. PA

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    message board pppl prayers are only words you must use action to fix things
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    Praying is not only words, it is cry to the Lord to see us through it all, good and bad times. I have read your other posts pa and we have a similiar childhood. I was abused from age 5 to 15. Their is so much evil in this world and I know my God did not want me to have to live that way. We all have free will and unfortunately many people become evil. Even as an adult I have had trying times. I have constant pain in my body and I am dealing with marriage problems too, but I know in the END Jesus is all I have. You may feel God is far from you, but he isn't. Look at all the people here that cared about you and they never even met you face to face. God's love is stronger than you are giving him credit for. Don't let the enemy win. Use all that you have been through and use it for good. Take a step back and really look at things, yes and do pray and HE will answer you but you have to listen.

    With everything I have been through in life, I have never felt more closer to Him. My FM has actually taught me a whole lot and has brought me to me knees.

    Prayers are not empty, hope you can see and soon.

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    Prayers are powerful things, not just words. Prayers are food for our soul. They are our connection to our creator. Without them we always feel something is missing in our life, we feel a void.

    I agree with have to also take action along with it. We can`t just sit on our buts and wait for God to do everything for us. You combine the two things and you have a good balance.

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  4. tandy

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    since I'd like to see results,....what would be the action?? What kind of action would you take over illness.(for instance?)????
    I'd love some insight!!
    why some prayers are answered and some are not,has always baffled me.
    Apreciate if you'd explain a bit.

  5. Freedom1

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    Along with Jesus Christ, prayers are God's gift to His people. It gives us the opportunity to Praise Him, intercede on other's behalf, prayer for our needs etc. It can be a fulfulling two-way conversation. And, faith without works is dead -- so it does take action to "fix" things. Some of those things maybe fixed in a more blessed manner due to prayer. God can see ahead in all situations and fix things that we don't have to work at solving, at times -- those can be the true blessings -- the ones that we can virtually laugh at the adversary about. I, too, have had doubts about prayers effectiveness in tough times -- but all it takes is getting on a board such as this, having patience, taking authority in Jesus Name, standing on His word, and Prasing Him and Thanking Him in Advance for what he has given us and what He has in store --This removes all doubt. It is a continual process.
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  6. Mikie

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    Meditation is when we listen to Him. Prayer, meditation, and good works (action) are not mutually exclusive. I would bet that our faithful here engage in good works all the time. Some are too sick to do anything but pray for others, but that, in itself, is a good work.

    Scientific studies have shown the positive power of prayer. My prayers are with you.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Shirl

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    Dear lady, I think you are in the dry desert, where the Apostle was.

    I know you know the Scripture where Paul asked the Lord three times to heal him, but was told that he would be perfect in weakness, as he (Paul), would need to lean on the Lord for his strength, and not himself.

    I had lost my faith at one time too, it was a sad place I was in. I blamed God, just like you are doing right now.

    But you know, as well as I do, that God does not move away from us, its us that move away from God. He is aways at our side.

    I believe He has chosen you for something special, but the devil, with his jealously, came along and ran you through the trials of Job.

    I do not know you, but for some reason known only to God, I feel your pain and know where you are at right now.

    Will keep you in my prayers, just like others did for me.

    I came back to Him, and have been stronger in my faith than I was in the beginning.

    I have not been on this board in quit sometime, but tonight I was lead here, could be because of you?

    Shalom, Shirl

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  8. Sneet

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    Prayer is certainly so much more than words. Communicating with my Father in Heaven is a priviledge and a delight. Does he hear and answer my prayers? Yes He does. His response is not always the answer I would have chosen, but He knows best and He has never led me wrong. Does prayer also require action? Many times yes. God does not expect us to sit back, do nothing, and wait for miracles to happen. But at the same time miracles do happen without our ever lifting a finger. It depends on the situation and how God see best to fix it. Whatever the case, prayer is a powerful tool and I will continue to pray for the remainder of my life.
  9. s-rose

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    I will be praying for you.
    I have had a lifetime of tragedy and now dealing with a life of pain and fatigue.

    There is one thing I know. Jesus is with me every step of the way. Somewhere there is a plan. He told the Apostle Paul, My grace is suffcient for thee.

    Look for the answer to prayer. Sometimes He answers our prayer and we don't acknowledge it because it didn't come in the way we expected.

    love and prayers,
    Susie Rose
  10. bakron

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    Prayers are words that we speak to our Father. Jesus taught us to pray. If Jesus taught us to pray, then there is purpose in prayer. For a while I studied the Lord’s Prayer to just learn how Jesus was teaching on how to approach prayer, and I found it helpful. After that, the Lord’s Prayer didn’t seem like “empty” words to me.

    During that prayer when we speak the words, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil . . “ , we need to remember that they are at the end of the prayer, after we acknowledge who God is, how He is to be reverenced, how His will is to be done, how we depend on Him for our “daily bread,” and how we need to forgive others just as He forgave us. These are really powerful words/thoughts that pull us into doing and not just into speaking words. We have to act in forgiveness.

    Action is something we have to do in faith. We sometimes don’t feel like doing something, but after we do the act . . the feeling comes. If we waited until we felt like doing things, so much wouldn’t get done.

    If we pray in empty words or phrases it may be because we aren’t, by faith, believing that God hears our words. I would challenge you to step out in faith and know that God hears the prayers from the members of this Board. If they were “empty words,” there wouldn’t be so many answered prayers as evidenced by members of this Board through their testimonies!
  11. BleuSox

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    but are too angry to be heard. it takes believing to get heard.

    Post your hurts, and we will suport you. It needs to be talked about. I'll guarentee that your hurts won't match mine... because I have been betrayed by the best... beaten, abused in every way possible.

    I am here to tell you that only the Lord can heal your need.
    He loves you even now when you are angry... he loves you the same. He wants to help, but you have to ask.

    I will also ask for Him to help you and let you know the love of God that passes all understanding.

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    That you have lost your faith in the power of prayer at this/that time..... Action is indeed necessary..

    The only action I can do for you at this time is to pray that our Lord helps you find the Light again and restore your belief in the power of prayer....

    Blessings , b/c.
  13. helpeachother

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    Hi pa, please don't despair. God always hears your prayers and answers in His own time and His own way. I have found that the more you sincerely pray to Him, especially from your heart of desperation (beg), the better His Divine Mercy will help you.

  14. Posey

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    Please don't give up on prayer and God. I know from a very recent experience that prayer is a very powerful thing and the answers sometimes come in very strange ways.

    My brother and sister in-law were on the verge of divorce just a couple of weeks ago. It was so close that my sister in-law was going to tell my brother that she was looking for an apartment. My brother got very sick (which I wouldn't wish on anyone) before she could tell him and after he had to have surgery they started talking instead of fighting.

    Yesterday I saw my brother and he looks better and happier than I've seen him in years. They are getting along and I believe they are going to be OK.

    I had been praying very hard for them because I love them both and didn't want to see them break up. I was very scared for them because neither of them would give an inch.
    I KNOW that God heard me and answered me.

    My prayers are with you and I hope you find peace and faith in your life.

  15. mjgkennedy

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    what I would do without prayer in my life

    I pray first thing in the morning, during the day and nightime.

    If I didnt have God in my life it wiuld be so empty. With all the stress I have had lately if it wasnt for god I dont know where I would be.

    Sometimes I know when things go wrong we are inclined to blame it on God.

    Praying to God has made my life richer and sometimes in my darkest moments he was there all the time.