Prayers being answered

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  1. Takesha

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    Hi my Sweeties

    I just wanted to tell you what happened today-but first I must back up two days.
    A few days ago, I e-mailed Senator John Kerry and told him that I was backing him for the up and coming election and I also told him that I hoped if he was elected that he would help do something about medical care for our vets and social security disablity. I could only use 1000 characters, so it wasn't a long letter, but I told him I had been denied SSI twice. I ended by thanking him, and told him that it's hard being at the bottom of the socioeconomic pile.
    So today I was cleaning house and had made some calls to local food banks and the phone rang. It was Senator Kerry's office, and someone is assigned to seeing what is taking my Social Security Disability so long to get approved.
    The young man just asked why they denied me the first two times and I told him, and I said there should not be any problem with medical documentation. He gave me his name and number and said that I'd be hearing from him and not to hesitate to call.
    Well,my mouth is hanging open, and lets hope that this will speed up the process.
    So Praise God. Your/my prayers are being answered.
    Also, a local food bank will be bringing some groceries this week sometime.
    Now, I also mentioned Michaels problems to the Senator about his medical care at the VA. Ya don't suppose that I might get another call do you?
    I just wanted to share this with you all.
    Also, my DVR counselor and my para-legal with the disability clinic are both going to write letters for me, for the financial aid appeal at school, and I am still waiting to hear from the doctor.

    Thank YOU Jesus!

    Hugs to you all
  2. Sandyz

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    I`m so glad for you. Its amazing how much of a lift we get when we get a few problems lifted from us. It will be such a big load off you to get finacial help.

    Hugs to you too,
  3. danny3861

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    Praise the Lord Takesha, I'm so over joyed for you.
    I will keep the prayers coming for you and your husband.