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    Today I went for blood test to see if the reason why my health is so poor, including the Fibromyalgia, is all because theres a possibility that I may have Celiac Sprue Disease. I have been praying everyday that I find out that the tests confirm this disease and that I will soon be on my way to recovery and better health. Theres no cure but theres a way to eliminate the problems caused from the disease....making quality of life for me and my family so much better. ALl I know is that as much as I am not trying to get my hopes up for this to bethe answer, I know that I want it SO BADLY that if I find the test results are negative I will be devistated, disappointed and pretty much left feeling like theres no hope. Im tired of feeling like I will always live a life of poor health, no answers and not knowing if there will ever be a better quality of life for me. Maybe thats extreme but the way I have been feeling lately, its really not extreme to me.

    Im asking PLEASE say a small prayer that this is FINALLY an aswer I have been yearning for for years. Finding an answer to all my health problems is worth more to me than winning any lottery thast for sure. Having an "answer" is so much more conforting and will relieve a greta burden off my shoulders. I couldnt imagine how wonderful that would be.

    thanks so much!
    God bless!

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    Dear Lord,

    I lift up Diane to You and ask You to lift her spirit. Guide the doctors in finding the root cause of her her many health problems. Renew her hope.

    In Jesus' name I pray,
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    As a fellow fibromite, I sure understand how u r feeling. I also pray that God will guide the doctors, and give them wisdom. I pray also that He will place His holy healing hand upon you.May God strengthen and comfort u.
    I ask these things thu Jesus Christ my Savior....amen
  4. another_painful_day

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    Heard fromDoctor. All my tests are fine and per my blood work I am healthy. As I sobbed on the phone with my doctor becuase of the pain I have been in and the despiration I have been feeling he explained theres really nothing more to do other than to dela with the Fibro. What hes concerned about is the toll its taking on my mental status as well as my quality of life. Hes been my Doc for over 15 yrs so he know sexactly how I have been going downhill. I was hoping if all this was just from a Gluten sensativity that I could fix it and make it all go away and maybe even avoid the Fundoplication Surgeyr in April. No such luck! I sobbed on the phone to my mom last night just wondering why.
    I believe that God has a reason for everything. I just wish he would help get me the proper help I need. Everytime I grasp a little hope for an answer its ripped right out of my why bother hoping anymore. This is life, could be worse yes, and Ill deal with it the best way I can I suppose.
    Thanks for listening.

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