Prayers for all of us...

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    That God help the "powers that be" (here on earth) understand ...better... what we all fight,,,,at least to an iota of what we understand....because we do actually fight the challenges that are created...

    Blessings ,

  2. dejovu

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    Sounds like an extra bad day? Just wanted to say hello and ask what is special about today that is making you say "enough is enough"...

    Hope that doesn't sound like I don't care because I do. It has been a couple of those days in a row for myself.

    Can you tell us more? Or is it everything plus? I sure hope you take this as a well meaning question from someone that does care.

    Please let us all know how you are. We are all in the same boat or so I've heard.

    Until then I'll be asking those same questions and praying for answers. Blessings....De