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    I missed church yesterday because Ive been really sick so I wanted to ask for some prayer requests in here if thats ok.....


    My step-son is having surgery on Friday to get his tonsils out and his adenoids out. Hopefully this will help the issue of all the strept in the house. The poor boy is ALWAYs sick and always on antibiotics.

    I know its minor surgery but it does have its risks so please if its ok to ask, keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery.


    My best friend Debbys sister-in-law (Jan) gave birth to her son on Sunday 4:00am...she was only 26 weeks into the pregnancy. At 21 weeks they told her to abort the baby and she refused because she held onto hope. She was told she wouldnt even make 26 weeks...well, she did PRAISE GOD...shame on those doctors for telling her to kill that precious baby boy. Anyway, hes only 2 pounds, and 13 inches long. Hes on all kinds of machines, tubs sticking out of everywhere, and getting alot of blood transfusions (which are helping him in an incredible way). Every minute of his little life is one minute closer to him fully developing, and surviving his pre-maturity... But Survival is 50/50. Right now hes in Gods hands....

    S0,Please pray for little "ZACHARY ROBERT WILLIAM"..and for his parents BOBBY and JAN....pray for strength during this difficult time and for Gods healing powers to help this little boy survive. We all know if its Gods will, then he will fight the good fight. Pray for mommys strength to help her heal from the delivery. Its been a very rough pregnancy. He was an "Invitro" baby...which is a miracle in itself, but is also the reason for the complications.

    Thanks so much!

    Bless you All!

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    I will be praying for your son and the little premature baby, Zachery. My son Jason had just his adnoids out and it made a hugh difference in him. They were so big, and he always had ear infections and sore throats.

    Let us know how they are both doing.