Prayers for daughters !

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    Sorry I am just hear ato ask for prayers for my daughters. So busy or no NRG otherwise.

    My 2nd daughter Karen is starting chemo. on Monday . What started as a possible Lumpectomy turned out to be a duouble mastectomy. It is a good thing she chose the bilateral due to them finding another tumor on the other breast. The second tumor they found on the other breat they found out that it was really added to the first one on that breast. They figure it is or was one bigger tumor than 2 smaller ones. She also had reconstruction right after the surgery. I hope she doesn't get to sick with it . Her hair is already short. Maybe it will come back in curly like I have seen. That woud be a good side effect, although it would be even better not to lose it.

    My 3rd daughter is still out of work. She is still hope for in her field but at this point she can't be to picky. She worked at a hospital in verifying medical insurance. This has been going on so long and we have had to give her $ to help out. She now has her 10 year old with her. She has been through so much.

    Thank you all so much for any prayers and good thoughts in advance.

    Blessings and hugz to you all,

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    Popped over here to check the posts and saw your message.

    I know people are not coming by so often and also dont post back but

    it seems they do read and must be too tired to post, Im sure they are

    praying as am i.

    im glad the Spirituality board is still here. what a relief!

    God Bless
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    Wanted to let you all know that the daughater having the chemo. just had her second Rx on Monday. Spoke to her yesterday and she wad doing well, so far. Forget the hair though. She lost a lot of it and she got a Buzz because she should lose the rest of it with this treatment. Feeling very tired but not to bad so far. Hope it continues. The doctor thinks that perhaps only two more will be needed but we will see.

    My out of work daughter came this Sat. for a visit. Still working at it (trying to find work) and we took her around here to show her some hospitals and professional buildings where she might apply. She also may end up going closer to her xh and other son. Her x so is leaving. They both decided it was not to be and he was paying the rent. So she needs to find or do something quick. This month is paid for at least.

    Thanks to all for good thoughts and prayers now and if the future.

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    sending prayers for your family
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    For your thoughts and prayers. The grapeseed extract is also a good idea probably for both of them. The one on chemo. takes all kinds of supps anyway and I wouldn;t be surprised if she was already taking it. The other daughter without work needs to get her immune system up too I am sure since she is not eating that great.

    I've to get finished getting ready for church. I really appreciate your support and ideas.

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