Prayers For Each Request and Thank ALL of You

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by greatgran, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. greatgran

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    As I have posted before, I do read and pray for all request but don't get around to replying to most, sorry.

    I do want to Thank each of you for your wonderful prayers, they mean so much as I know God hears and answers, not to mention how your prayers, and caring touches my heart.

    Praying for each of you and your pray requests.

    May God Bless and Be WITH Each of YOU today.

  2. kbak

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    It's good that we can pray for each other. Thanks gg!

  3. jaba520

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    GREAT GRAN I often read all these and pray but am not able to reply to all, I pray the lord keep you and comfort you as well each day.

  4. lrning2cope

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    It is so wonderful that our Lord would make it so that we could get together in His name and pray for each other. He has given me wonderful blessings in all of you.

    What a privilege that He would choose us to pray for each other and that it can be so rich even with words and sometimes wordless prayers !

    God works ALL things for good.

    In His Grace,