Prayers for Japan

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    A Prayer with the People of Japan

    by Taylor Burton-Edwards

    God of all compassion,
    Our hearts and bodies shake
    With the earth
    And all who dwell upon it.

    We cry to you for help
    For lives, roads, homes, and livelihoods lost,
    And coastal regions washed away
    In Japan
    And all who this day wait in fear
    On other coasts and islands
    On an ocean that betrays its name.

    Have mercy on them, on us
    And all who wait for better words
    And help.

    We pray in the name of Jesus
    Who stilled the wind and waves. Amen.

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    that we are all in such grief and shock and anguish with and for the people in Japan.

    I'm looking for sites or special prayers to bring here for us to focus on.

    People worldwide are praying and wanting to help.

    Please add a prayer of your own, or one that you can find.

    Love, Wind
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    Yes, its horrific whats happened there.

    I join you in prayer for all the affected people. I was loking at the news and saw some
    Canadian team who came all the way from Vancouver with blankets tents etc but who
    had to go back because they arent protected against radiation and the Japanese cannot
    be responsible for them also. Some far lying areas are very difficult to reach.

    In the midst of all this chaos it feels uplifting comforting to see how people across the world
    can care.

    Also a lovely bit of news. They showd this old woman of 83 in a shelter in a coastal town
    who saved herself by getting on her bicycle and just pedalling away fast as she could
    up the hill as soon as she heard the tsunami siren go off. Her town was washed away
    along with a lot of people who didnt havethe presence of mind to act so fast. She was
    smiling and seemed very spry and in control. Said she didnt want to be a burden on her
    children by going to live with them but has no idea where she might live now that her
    home is no more. I was quite amazed. She didnt look a day over 60! But she seemed
    very ready to accept whatever came her way now and make the best of it.

    God BLess