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    I know many of you have been so good about praying for my health insurance situation. My IV's, chiropractic and muscle therapy had all been stopped because the insurance said they were medically unnecessary.

    I was appealing the IV's and have battled that since before Christmas. I talked to the head of insurance at my place of employment today and left a message. She told me yesterday that the insurance co. had no record of my appeal that I send on Mar. 10 and I was thinking they were reviewing it all this time.

    I called her this morning and left a message. I was tired of being nice and polite so I really left a heated message. I was firm but not over the top. I said I wanted a resolution today and not in three months. I said I was tired of being jacked around by this insurance company.

    I got home this afternoon really not expecting this lady to call back. She did and said she had GOOD NEWS. She said your treatments have been reinstated. I stood there in disbelief. Now I am not sure if she means the IV's or everything. I am celebrating. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    I want to thank all of you who prayed for me over these months. I was coming really close to giving up on the battle because it was adversely affecting my health and I didn't think it was worth that.

    I guess what I am trying to say is DON'T GIVE UP in your situation. God is good. Why He makes us wait is a mystery. I am very thankful tonight.

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    I have prayed for your situation. I pray that a good Christian man will come into your life and you will see what a blessing that can be when someone treats you right.

    Hang in there.

  3. bandwoman

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    I am so glad for your husband regarding the reinstating of his license. The insurance companies carry a big stick over our heads all the time but God is greater!!!!!!!!

    I pray that this red light situation will work out in your husbands favor. I sure hope you can get your swimming pool built. That sounds like a great stress reliever for both of you.

    Are you taking any classes at the moment? I am not teaching at all this summer. I was in such a need of a break and I am so glad I took one.

    Have a great summer and thanks again.

  4. bandwoman

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    That course sounds very interesting. I hope it turns out to be a very positive thing for you. Hey, what happened to your profile? I was going to ask you about your dog, and I think his name was Frankie and I went to check and poof....gone.

    How is he doing? I can't remember how long ago that has been when he was having stomach problems I believe. Is he better now? I know when my cat (who is my baby)is sick I get so worried about her.

    Well I hope you are having a great weekend.


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    For the testimony of answered prayer. The Lord does move in His own time, but always comes through for us, the more prayer, the more answers it seems.

    Yes, you are right, never give up when you know you are praying within the will of God, He will not turn His face from us when we are in great need, but there are times our faith is really tested.........

    God bless, and again thanks for the good news and answered prayer from here.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    God is "Awesome"!
    Everyone is always in my prayers. It is wonderful to see answered prayers!
    That is right! Don't give up!

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    A good Christian friend of mine always tells me to PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens! I am so happy that God finally answered our prayers for you, dear Nancy.

    Love, Judy
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    Shirl, I pray that your break through will come for you very soon for your husband. One thing that God is showing me is that we change when we go through these trials. I am hoping for me it is a good change. Trials have a way of heightening our sensitivity to others who are going through rough times. Hang on and don't give up.

    Sweetpotato. Yes, I am enjoying my time off very much indeed. It is so nice to catch up on things that get lost in the shuffle during school. My garden is coming along nicely and that is my summer therapy. How is your new job going? I hope it is a good change for you even though you have longer hours.

    Webby, it is so good to hear from you. Where have you been? I miss seeing your posts but sure glad to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.

    Pepper, I like the push idea. I see that we have many choices when we are in the midst of unpleasantness. We can do what we can and wait on God, we can throw a big pity party, or we can become very bitter. I choose to do the first thing even though throwing a big pity party is sure a temptation in a moment of weakness.

    God meets us where we are at. That is the great part. We can do all of those things and He will still love us and wait on us to come around to Him. When we get to heaven it will all make sense. We just have to trust Him in the wait.

    Thank you all for celebrating with me in answered prayer. I want to give all the credit to God in this. He is the one that intervened for me. Praise God.