Prayers for my son

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sunshyne1027, Nov 11, 2003.

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    My son had a physical for sports at his school on Monday. The doctor who did the physical said that she heard a heart murmur. I remember back when he was two, he had a test done to see about the heart murmur, but was classified as a "functional" one. My son is 16--almost 17, he is a thanksgiving baby. Birthday soon, day before thanksgiving this year.

    My son tryed out for basketball. He was eliminated/cut from the team at tryouts. He handled it well. I still feel for him though, he loves basketball. I said to him, you did the best you could. That helped.

    My son told me that after strenuous exercise during tryouts , his chest hurt. The doctor said he should have more testing done for the heart murmur. To make sure it did not develop into something. My son is really concerned with it all, and so am I.

    Prayers needed to keep the faith that Gods will, will be done. Accept whatever is thrown our way.

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    Praying for your son as you requested. I hope all turns out well. Let us know what you find out.'

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    I will pray for your son's health, and for wisdom for you also. It's hard to be that age and get turned down. I will also pray that God will show your son something else that he loves to do that he will be great at, so he won't feel the loss of not being able to play.
    Let us know how things go.

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    He was examined today, and has been referred out to a cardiologist for further evaluation. The doc that listened said yes, there is something not right.

    He put up a front in ways, saying its ok that he didn't make the team. I know better though. Its hard on self esteeem. He is going to a career center this year, taking construction, and that keeps him busy. He wants to work, has been trying his hardest to find a part time job, nothing seems to be coming through. His construction class is making a Christmas Tree for a float that our church is making for a Christmas parade. They are going to get a thank you letter for making the tree, and post it up in the front bulletin board of the school. Its a sense of accomplishment and recognition that they will recieve, I think thats cool.

    My son is also suffering from depression right now, which I think is natural seeing what has happened. I am trying to help him best I can, but realize sometimes I just got to back off and let him live and learn. Find a balance with that.

    Thanks for the prayers!

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    With both me and my husbands illnesses, and going through changes. Its not going too bad here. He has MS, then the neck injuries. I have the FM. Then you all know about my son with the heart murmur, my youngest with the ankle injury. My middle child is in wrestling, suffers sometimes with the "middle child syndrome"... LOL.

    I been dieting all week. Doing the zone diet. It was so hard on dropping some of the foods that I like. But then know aint no good for me. I have slipped sometimes, but still trying and doing it. Been concentrateing also on Vocational Rehab, the job placement. Done refreshing the resume. Havn't heard nothing back from going back to the old job..Which I really really want to do. But accepting it if I do not get to.

    This morning I woke up really congested, some over the counter meds helped. Was a slow starting day. Didn't feel like doing much, pushed through and did things anyways. Took some rests in between.

    I get upset with my husband when he does not help around the house. I did today. The boys helped, but he didn't. I feel as if he does not do a fair share around here. So a prayer for that would be helpful.

    Not much else going on with me..

    How about you?