Prayers for Tina

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    Prayers to Tina whose depression has reached such a high level she has not been eating and has lost so much weight. My friend is afraid she will die, but Tina refuses depression help that several doctors says she needs. Several of us are praying that God infuses Tina with the will to fight the depression and turn her health and life around and accept God into her life.
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    Dear Lord , please put a spark of light in Tina's life that shows that glimmer of hope that will motivate her to see a doctor for help . In Your Wisdom , Lord , You can heal , if that is Your Will , please heal Tina.

    In Your Wisdom , Lord , You also work good through doctors , and I pray that if that is Your Will , Tina is helped through just the right doctor. Please send a Christian doctor that will not only help Tina's body , but also her soul .

    Let Tina see the light at the top of the deep dark pit of depression , Lord. Make it happen that Tina see's something , anything , that will move her to get the help that she needs.

    In Jesus Holy Name,
    Amen and Amen,

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    Dear Lord God,

    We thank you for your powerful, protective love for Tina. I know, Lord what it is like to suffer from that level of depression. I ask that you would bring her the desire for something in the world, Lord. Desire for life, desire for You. Desire to take that first step.

    Remove, please any damaging people in her life. Please give her friends your supernatural wisdom and guidance in knowing how to help her. We trust in your love for Tina, Lord!
    Praying this in Your Holy Name, Amen.