Prayers for Wildflowers2

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  1. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers for Wildflowers2, who is disabled, struggling, depressed, and will be going before the Social Security Administration Administrative Law Judge for a second hearing in February 2009 for her disabilities. I ask God to please be with her and through your love help her through the stress and strain of the hearing and to be awarded approval.

  2. windblade

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    Dear Lord,
    We lift up to you Wildflower's hearing on Feb.18th. Please be with her lawyer in preparing a good case, and please be with Wildflowers to strengthen her spirit. Give her a time of relief, Lord, a lightness to rest her mind, spirit and body.

    We reach out to you, Lord, from our limited resources to your abundance.

    In Jesus' Holy Name we ask,
  3. lrning2cope

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    Dear Lord , please quiet Wildflower2's heart and soul as she awaits her second meatin with the judge. Let her feel calm and to be herself as sh goes to the meeting.

    Please be with all the people at the hearing Lord and direct their steps and let them truly hear what is needed for Wildflower2 and have compassion with no prejudice in their decision and no predetermined ideas of health challenges.

    Let the decision be fully favorable Lord. Let the suffering of waiting so long end for Wildflower2 and let her be able to begin living and putting all energy in being as well as she can be .

    In Jesus Name ,
    Amen and Amen

    '' for the Lord is our judge,
    the Lord is our lawgiver,
    the Lord is our king;
    it is He who will save us"

    Isaiah 33:22