Prayers for wisdom and understanding please

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by atiledsner, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. atiledsner

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    My mind feels so scattered lately. I sat on my front porch this morning and had a grateful session with the Lord.

    I have posted here that I put a 5000.00 down payment on some property and need the rest to pay it off by the 21st of this month.

    Soon after I did this I found out my daughter has a tumor on the petituary gland.

    I live in a small town in a somewhat secluded area.I haven't had much luck with yard sales and such.

    The property I bought is right on a main highway, a small lot, but big enough to build a small house on.It too will be a great place to have yard sales or a home based business.

    As you know I have had back and neck surgery. Degenerization of my discs is what I am told I have in my back, spinal stenosis too.

    I thought I would buy this proprerty build a house for a disability person,let someone help me in a business, to have extra income,etc.

    I sure don't want to lose my down payment.Yet if my daughter needs money for something I want to be able to help her. I have spent most of my life caring for her and helping her financially.

    No matter how old they are they are still our babies.

    So I have made a last ditch effort to come up with money.I advertised in a large paper.

    This may sound silly to some, but i know any prayer can be answered.Pray for me to have buyers with the money to purchase what I have to sell.I need wisdom and understanding from God above as to what I must do.

    I am really sacraficeing to do this, down to selling my stove and refrigerator.I have an older fridge out in garage to use and a way of cooking other than this stove.

    I just feel an urgency to do this.Please pray for God's will to be done.

    a few years ago I made some payments on some property total 6500.00 and lost it all. I guess that adds to my insecurity.Prayers for you all too. Dianne
  2. Asatrump

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    What a difficult situation to decide between your daughter and the property.

    I will pray. Please put your prayer request on the weekly list, you will find it in capital letters and dated for next Thursday which would be November 9. We all pray on Thursday nights, and we can shout to the heavens on your behalf.
  3. caffey

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    Father, could You please come into the middle of this lady's situation. Please give her peace body, soul and spirit. Could You please give her clarity of thought and wisdom. Please help her to see this situation for what it is and not what she thinks it is. Please help her to see beyond her emotions. Please show her what to do. You know all things. Please also help her to not be afraid. Please make a way where there is no way right now. Please shine Your light into the darkness of this situation. Please intervene in such a way that she will know that it is You that has done this. Thank you for what You are already and will continue to do in this situation. In Jesus Name Amen.
  4. sarahann61

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    May God be with you, and provide all your needs, and your daughter's.. I do not believe God expects you ,to give up everything you own.... There are charities, that are for your daughter's problems... Don't be too proud, to ask.
    God really does provide all our needs, but he uses people to do it, usually............

    May God bless you, and your daughter in a very special way, and may he heal your daughter.. And, may he help you find a way, to help your finances, through this land... if that is his will.. I know it is his will, to help you...just don't know how, he will do it.......
  5. Kayleen

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    I believe God works in mysterious ways. He has always provided for me, you just have to believe he will provide for you. My prayers will be with you.